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Brands should build emotional meaningfulness



While making a meaningful presentation on building brands, Shaveta Bharadwaj, head of west, Kanter, Millward Brown, spoke about three key factors behind the process of building a brand – salient, meaningful and differentiated. The weightage to these factors are 40%, 34% and 26%, respectively.

She also spoke about there should be more emphasis on story-telling. According to her, Only 30% of the ads globally resorts to storytelling. In India, the share is 50%. It creates memories for the target audience, said Bharawaj.  She supported her statement with some TV campaign across categories. Also, she said, “Creatively appealing advertisement without proper brand-connect doesn’t serve the purpose.

In addition, Trust is also important. Equity of trust is 43% globally and 83% In India, as per her data. Also, retailers have to build relationships and leverage them. New media offers you opportunities, explore it, she urged.

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