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Malabar Gold and Diamonds brings effortless elegance with ‘Zoul’ range promotions



Malabar Gold and Diamonds brings effortless elegance with ‘Zoul’ range promotions

Jewellery is for every day. Acceptance of this forms of fashion, first by the end-consumer, and then by the industry, is reshaping luxury. Thankfully, it is making luxury affordable, it is helping jewellers drive the point that jewellery can also express delight for fleeting moments we miss every day. And the latest brand to embark on this segment is Malabar Gold and Diamonds with their Zoul collection launched this February.

‘Everyday’, or casual wear jewellery as they call, have to be light in weight. To stop overwhelming the wearer, the jewellery must be an extension of the owner’s personality. That is where the brand has done a commendable job through their creative messages. They glorify the boss, the friend, the life partner, and the hero within every woman, who deserves these beautiful trinkets.

The commercials show a very relaxed attitude. The women on camera play cards, the guitar and dance around, really enjoying every moment spent in that manner. The videos harp on the ever-shining beauty of a woman, and that these 18 karat- 22 karat gold jewellery collection vibes just fine. Backing this claim are the view charts of three of Zoul’s videos, two of which have received over 1 lakh and 2 lakh views at the time of writing this piece.

Lightweight isn’t easy to design. The challenge of bringing uniqueness, spunk and versatility within a tight offering of gold and precious stones is daunting. It’s the first impression that lasts for lightweight ranges and Zoul’s playful designs are sure to make a mark. In fact, in one of the commercials, the model walks viewers through the right sequence of appreciating casual wear jewellery. First, she stoops close to the mirror to check if the earrings are dangling fine enough. Satisfied, she stands up for a full profile view, checking if the overall look matches her jubilation.

This is exactly what customers do in a showroom while trying a particular piece of jewellery. By replicating this routine on camera, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is definitely earning customer trust and loyalty is probably the fastest moving segment of jewellery today.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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