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Melorra collaborates with comedienne Shraddha for humorous ad on lightweight jewellery



CaratLane collaborates with comedienne Shraddha for humorous ad on lightweight jewellery

A product pitch with oodles of confidence and strong merit seldom fails. Melorra’s latest video commercial featuring South Indian comedienne-influencer Shraddha is just that and should be a trending example for the industry to create simplistic, yet hard-hitting ads.

So, this is about the lightweight jewellery by Melorra and Shraddha puts her own spin to the narrative. She starts with a sarcastic plot about how heavyweight gold jewellery, as preferred by the older generations, is fast losing touch with the Gen Z audience, who want to shine every day, and not just on special occasions. Taking a dig at how chunky heritage jewellery often go through the mandatory metamorphosis of smaller trinkets sans the heritage, Shraddha even trolled naysayers who compare gold jewellery with that of imitation jewellery. “Exact same to same, but you can’t take a gold loan against it,” she nods humorously.

She even referred to how heavyweight jewellery often becomes a bone of contention between a guest and the host of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony! Touching on such a sensitive subject, she took her rant to a climax with “I have ended my relationship with gold jewellery.” That’s when her doorbell rings and Melorra’s ‘halke, pulke, phool ke designs make her change her heart.

That’s when the influencer talks about the wearability factor of lightweight jewellery that compels a fashionista to look great on a Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, and any day. Harping on the word ‘halke pulke’ (light in weight), Shraddha drives home the point of total value for money that Melorra’s lightweight jewellery ensures.

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