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CaratLane releases Caratlane anthem, shows the power of purpose and people



CaratLane releases Caratlane anthem, shows the power of purpose and people

A pro-youth company should converse like the youth. The connect with the current mindset is what helps resonate a brand and its offerings with the younger audience. CaratLane sure knows how to ace that. The brand has recently released an original track that sums up its brands mission, confidence, and collective enthusiasm to serve the customers wholeheartedly.

They call it the ‘CaratLane anthem’ and the song is already clocking over 2.2K views within just two weeks of release on YouTube, and the number grows.

If you are using music to tell ‘your story’, you should pick a genre that hooks the youth instantly, just like CaratLane’s original multi-lingual rap song. The entire music video features several CaratLane employees rejoicing the brand’s core strengths, performance metrics, wow factors in product offerings and the smile they put on their customers’ faces. The foot-thumping track involves everyone from back-end operation, leadership, sales, and tech team who voice the common language of the brand.It creates a strong impression in the minds of consumers who has all their preconceived notions about a usual traditional jewellery brand, broken for good.

Talking about the idea behind this video commercial, Mithun Sacheti, CEO and Co-founder, CaratLane, says, “Every brand has its own secret sauce that sets them apart. And as cliche as it may sound, for us at CaratLane, it’s the absolute crazy and relentless spirit of our people! The energy and excitement they bring in every single day is absolutely great. We just wanted this video to exactly show that to everyone out there.”

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