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De Beers Forevermark will ensure that we set new heights in sale of diamond jewellery: Kunal Talla



Forevermark Forum 2021

Kunal Talla, Director of Fortofino, Jammu, talks to Samit Bhatta, publisher of The Retail Jeweller India, about the confidence his company will derive from the new branding strategy that De Beers has devised for Forevermark.

Samit Bhatta: What will be the impact of the rebranding of Forevermark as De Beers Forevermark on your consumers?

Kunal Talla: I would like to congratulate De Beers for taking such an impactful decision for the Indian market. The timing is in line with the demand scenario and the readiness of exceptional customers in India. Forevermark has done a great job in creating an aspirational brand. From the retail perspective, for more than 30 years now, Indians have associated top-quality diamonds with De Beers. So, the change makes us more confident and we are assured of selling to newer heights and setting the highest international benchmarks of customer service and experience.

Kunal Talla, Fortofino

Samit Bhatta: You have few exclusive stores of Forevermark in a few cities in India. So, where do you see the entire De Beers Forevermark program going in the next 2-3 years?

Kunal Talla: We all have gone through various levels of hardships and challenges in the last 18 months, but Fortofino also saw this as an opportunity to build a relationship with De Beers Forevermark. At Fortofino, we believe in catchy words like ‘revenge buying’. One only needs to look at the data of the topline being clogged in USA, China and the European markets in the last couple of months to believe the trend. So, India is well placed to capture the next uptick in demand, and we believe that it will be long and sustainable this time. De Beers understands this too, and justifies taking the higher stance in introducing De Beers Forevermark in India.

What are your expectations from the De Beers Forum 2021?

Kunal Talla: The Forevermark Forum has always given us the opportunity to learn about innovative designs, industry and jewellery trends, new collections, market strategies and a deep sense of retail in the De Beers Forevermark community. The Forevermark Forums are super exciting and we hope to learn about the plans and dimensions of the De Beers Forevermark brand positioning in India. We are keen to understand the strategy to establish the brand, the promises, and advantages of De Beers in India and their effort to achieve our common goals. So, the upcoming Forum will be much more than just a business conversation. Interacting with amazing people and industry stalwarts will allow us to take home important learnings and experiences. Fortofino is always happy to be a part of the Forum. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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