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Jewellery brands urge followers to celebrate inspirational personas for Women’s Day

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Jewellery brands urge followers to celebrate inspirational personas for Women’s Day

It’s raining praises for the fairer sex! Women’s Day is knocking on the door and the jewellery industry is excited to highlight the reasons why womanhood should not be celebrated once a year, through their interesting campaigns on social media.

To start with, Om Jewellers started their #LadiesFirst contest that will run till 11.59 pm on March 7. The contest demanded that participants share interesting stories about the first female achievers of their families. Be it the first female voter or the first graduate, they had to share a few sentences about their victorious women family member in the comments section of the post by tagging the person concerned. They’d also have to provide an image of the person, if possible, follow and tag the brand with the hashtag mentioned.

As expected, the comments section got rolling with over 80 great success stories of women shared within just 2 days of the release of this campaign. People talked about the first women employee who earned a gold coin for her dedication at the workplace. Among all the praises, one of the most inspiring stories was that of a participant talking about her mother who, after separating from her husband, worked as a cook at male dorms to provide for her family and is an entrepreneur now. Needless to say, the post received over 1K likes at the time of writing this piece.

A similar chain of thought was used by Orra through their hashtag #FacetsOfAWoman, in which the brand asked participants to record a 20-30 second video talking about inspirational women in their families and send their entries on WhatsApp to the brand by March 5. Participants were to speak either in English or Hindi and share entries with their pin codes. The participant sending the best entry would win a multi-use diamond set worth Rs 39,999. This post too received over 3.9K likes.

The tagline for Reliance Jewels on the same thought process is #SheIsFreedom. With over 140 comments already made on their page, the brand has asked participants to tag those women who have helped win over their fights in life. One has to tag the brand and use the hashtag mentioned. Till now, there has been over 22K likes on this post.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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