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Malabar Gold and Diamonds creates snappy campaign about ‘the diamond happiness’



Malabar Gold and Diamonds create snappy campaign about 'the diamond happiness'

It’s indeed a rat race to hog the attention of jewellery consumers online. Any brand making a noise digitally shoulder the responsibility of dishing out all possible information about the product the brand policy and everything between. Malabar Gold and Diamonds has aced that feat with their #TheDiamondHappiness campaign.

The strategy is simple across the 5-digital-film series: one has to balance the distribution of information between offers and customer satisfaction. Two of the films explore the mischief-led sibling bond, in which the elder brother and sister gift their younger siblings jewellery and hog all the necessary attention lacking hitherto. Another film showcases how a young husband gets recognised for gifting diamonds. That film assures promise to first-time diamond buyers with multiple quality checks, available only with the brand. One film is actually a hack on the saas-bahu relationship, while the final film shows how a diabetic old man gets a pass because he gifts his wife a diamond jewellery set!

Careful navigation through these subtleties would apprise any jeweller about all the checkpoints the brand has achieved. Price point? Check. Purity? Check. Variety? Check. Quality control? Check! All that with the quintessential lure of natural diamonds that will never die down with such amazing takes on meaningful relationships.

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