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VRK by Khanna Jewellers adds a youthful shine to its diamonds



VRK by Khanna Jewellers adds a youthful shine to its diamonds

Beating the trade trough of the pandemic in the heart of Indian capital, VRK by Khanna Jewellers launched in May 2021at DLF Emporio, New Delhi.  The specialty store weaves a form of newness into diamond retailing with a younger flavour, all the while leveraging the trust that their mother brand Khanna Jewellers inspires. Here’s why the store stands out!

New Young Vibes

Khanna Jewellers is a known and much sought after name around the classy Delhi ramparts. Weddings or not, the glamour and legacy of the jeweller has inspired generations of customers to knock its doors from time to time. But showmanship is important now, especially because the new pool of young buyers’ need storytelling and retail experience that reverberate their lifestyle and aesthetic.

The scions of Khanna Jewellers realise that, and the new store is a testament of the same. There is a clever wordplay in the chic name ‘VRK’, explains Vikram Khanna. The young brand name has an acronym hidden in V, R and K, each of which stands as the initials of the name of the three Khanna brothers Vikram, Raj and Keval.

VRK by Khanna Jewellers

For the love of diamonds

This is the first splash in specialized jewellery retailing for the 68-year-old brand, which is making heads roll with its modish diamond jewellery designs. The biggest attraction point for VRK is its design exclusivity, as the brand keeps collections heavily design-centric, unlike the ones in the Khanna Jewellers showroom. Today, VRK caters to customers who love diamonds. There is something for everyone. Charting a roadmap to royalty, VRK, tantalizes the senses of a diamond jewellery lover with its collections, each of which are unique and narrate a different saga of brilliance from the one shining from the next counter.  From lightweight trinkets to bridal finery in diamonds — the store holds it all in a range of price points. From the simple to the grandiose — VRK is where you get them all in Delhi.

Keeping the Trust

Vikram Khanna points out that most big brands for instance Tanishq, have had successful sub-brands that became standalone names with its own, fresh repute after a while. VRK wanted to put in a fresh and youthful flavour into the new sub-brand and make it more appealing to the young consumer. In putting in the Khanna Jewellers name, the trust factor remains intact too, yet opens the new sub-brand to all kinds of youth centered new initiatives creating a fresh appeal for diamonds and VRK.

VRK by Khanna Jewellers

European décor sets the bar 

In line with what the youth want today, simplicity shines brighter than loud display, something which the interior décor specialist has imbibed subtly across the showroom. The white-on-white accents at the grand entrance gives an inkling of opulence overflowing at brand-new boutique. 

Subliminal lighting, the unmistakable yellow-hued illumination by a ceiling fixture resembling a gemstone-studded necklace and careful spacing of furniture have given the curious customer enough space to unravel the length and breadth of the showroom. The aesthetics is essentially European, with the pearl-like wall decorations enhancing the vivacity of jewellery-buying experience, all envisioned by a family member who summed up the legacy of the brand to wrap it in an effortlessly elegant escapade for the millennials and Gen Z customers.

VRK by Khanna Jewellers

Woos puritans

The specialized diamond boutique store thrives for its distinguished services and VRK prides over its attention to not only the needs but also the imaginations of its potential customer. For those who are looking to indulge in diamonds and statement designs, it creates the right ambience and setting. Ever since, it is commanding promising footfall from existing clientele and a good chunk of new visitors in the mall. Once in, each customer is given personal assistance, valuable time and guidance on the kind of jewellery s/he wants. The aesthetic blend of ambience and appeal of design- rich jewellery pampers the new-age buyers just enough to make them loyal for a lifetime.

Written by Antara Basak

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