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Itee by Neha Goyal’s reel on millennial’s jewellery hangover informs, amazes humorously



Itee by Neha Goyal's reel on millennial's jewellery hangover informs, amazes humorously

Optimal use of social media is a key component of reformist jewellery brands. Reels, stories, videos and images engage viewers differently. Content varies likewise but one hilarious reel by Itee by Neha Goyal will make you guess the real strength of social media.

The seconds-long reel, which has received over 4.9K views on Instagram, has Goyal ruminating over what the parents of the average millennial fashion monger thinks about jewellery. A voice plays in the backdrop, asking, “when our parents ask where is all your money”. Then comes a flurry of responses as a hand holding different forms of rings, bracelets, neckpieces and other forms of jewellery snap back to back with the response, “This?!”.

Very humorous, the reel sums up how the youth doesn’t mind investing lumpsum amounts in great jewellery. “We millennials like to experiment with designs and choose from what the world has to offer. So if I have to choose where to put my money,” said Neha Goyal, director of the brand.

It’s ironic how gold has forever been India’s favourite precious metal, yet the attitude towards jewellery fashion has remained primitive. This idea needs to be broken, feels Goyal, as special occasions like weddings or auspicious days like Akshay Tritiya make jewellery a complete affair even for millennials, who like to style their jewellery much like their outfits. “We have witnessed different trends in the jewellery industry, only to desire for more. You can change an entire look based on how you style your jewels, dress it up or calm it down. So, glamming up sensibly is the way ahead for millennials,” said Goyal.

The reel has touched upon not only the apparent message of jewellery-related investment, but also flaunts the design diversity by Itee. Talking about fresh approaches to promotion, Goyal says that luxury brands have been hesitant to move online, but invest humongously on print and display media advertising that are giving decreasing returns. “We at Itee try to take advantage of visual social networks, when marketing luxury products, photographs are one of the best mediums for evoking the aspirational emotions,” said Goyal.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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