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Want a major share of our inventory to be of Code of Origin products because of its assurance to customers: Bhavin Jakhia, OM Jewellers



Bhavin Jakhia on Forevermark Forum 2021

OM Jewellers has come a long way from partnering with Forevermark eight years ago. Now, the brand has a 100% Forevermark inventory above 8 pointers and is excited about the upcoming innovations at the Forum. Bhavin Jakhia, director, OM Jewellers, Mumbai expresses his thoughts to Samit Bhatta, publisher, Retail Jeweller Magazine.

Samit Bhatta (SB): What is your opinion on the change of brand name from De Beers to De Beers Forevermark?

Bhavin Jakhia (BJ): I think it’s a very good move. De Beers gives a lot more awareness because as retailers, we always tell customers about Forevermark’s lineage from De Beers. Now that the rebranding has put the two identities together, it is self-explanatory and stronger for consumer trust. In India, people easily relate with De Beers, also known as the best diamond mining company for many years now. This rebranding will bring consumers closer to the brand ideology and goals by impacting the consumer mindset.   

OM Jewellers

SBYou have been part of the Forevermark program for the last 8 years. How do you think is the future of diamond jewellery and Forevermark diamonds till March 2022?

BJ: Eight years ago, we started with 50 stones and today, I have 100% Forevermark diamonds 8 pointers and above. It gives me and our sales executives a lot of confidence when they are selling this product because OM stands for quality and genuine products. We take pride while selling a Forevermark diamond. It also gives us an edge while we are selling because, with lab-grown coming into the picture and several other things going around, it gives confidence to the clients buying a natural diamond which is also a De Beers product. 

SB: De Beers is coming up with a ‘Code of Origin’ and jewellery certification. How has been the response from the consumers?

BJ: We got a brilliant response for the Code of Origin. I got my inventory between March-end and the first week of April, but then the second lockdown happened. The main sale restarted in June and since then, we prefer to procure jewellery from vendors who are also doing Code of Origin products. As time passes, we’d want our inventory to majorly consist of Code of Origin products because of its brilliant certification procedure. As far as the clients are concerned, Code of Origin gives much more credibility. This is because when it comes from De Beers, they are proud of their jewellery. 

SB: What are your expectations from Forevermark Forum 2021?

BJ: Forevermark Forum has always been a learning experience because of the speakers. You also get the chance to meet your peers. We have been briefed about the various innovations Forevermark will be launching at the forum this year. So, I am very excited to attend and I’m planning my inventory for the upcoming season plan. I’m sure the buyer-seller meet will satisfy me completely on that front.  

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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