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PGI’s latest campaign imbues love with hope through platinum



PGI’s latest campaign imbues love with hope through platinum

Platinum, with its premium look and rarity, is fast becoming the symbol of love for the next-gen buyer. Add a subtle yet strong video commercial that passes the messages across just right, and followers agree. Yes, we are talking about the Platinum Season of Hope campaign that is winning hearts with #HeresToHope, bagging over 2 million views on YouTube since release on October 4.

The commercial unfolds with a man trying to impress his partner by recalling all the good things he had learnt from her since a year of living together. A bit too honest for a man though, he thanks her for making him realize that cooking is not as complicated as feared. Passing a flower within her fingers, he goes on to thank her for teaching him to wash his boxers and calls her his ‘pillar of strength’.

When she eggs him on the unjustifiable gift of a flower for ‘all that she has done’, he presents a gift box containing two platinum love bands. The tonality of the commercial is particularly interesting, as it is relatable both to couples before and amid the pandemic, as hope is the strongest emotion that each one of us have latched on to with our beloved ones in times of the Covid crises.

Elaborating on this was Vaishali Banerjee, MD, Platinum Guild India, who said the digital campaign for Season of Hope this year dwells on an insight that emerges from the journey of what most have been through in 2020. “The country saw one of its worst crises yet when the second wave of the pandemic hit. However, we also learnt to become better versions of ourselves and find that optimism for tomorrow. It is these discoveries that the latest edition of Platinum Season of Hope urges us to celebrate,” she said, citing market research data that pegs interest level of young consumers for precious jewellery at a promising 81% despite pandemic.

As a consumer and trade marketing program, PGI witnessed participation from 1370+ stores across the country for The Season of Hope across all three platinum jewellery categories, namely Platinum Days of Love – the love bands offering, Men of Platinum – men’s jewellery and Evara – for young modern woman. “Our partners have shared positive feedbacks about the market sentiment and it is good to see people walking into showrooms again,” concluded Banerjee.


Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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