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The pandemic has pushed natural diamonds as an investment option for millennials: Karthik Khanna



Q. How has been the collaboration with Natural Diamond Council with you?

A. I think with the collaboration of Natural Diamond Council, we are getting a good positive response from the clients. It is sending a good positive message. It is creating an awareness on about how important it is to invest in natural diamonds. So, it has been a good journey & we have received positive vibes from the campaign as well.

Q. I believe, I recently watched this film where the lady name Angelic, wore the Natural Diamond of yours. And also, the vogue story which natural diamond council did with your pieces. So, in this one was a film & one was a print collaboration. How do you see this working for you in terms of your marketing objectives?

A. I think natural diamond council is targeting the right media. The right platform we want to focus on like social media & other channels. The campaign is appealing to the younger generation. The way it is spoken about moments or life. So, I feel it is creating a little more attraction towards the jewellery for the new faces & buyer in the market as well.

Q. Khanna jewelers has been a legacy for many generations & your one of the largest natural diamond jewelers of the country. So where do you see the natural diamond jewellery business going in this main season?

A. So, as we know this year has seen a lot of ups & downs already. But I feel the natural diamond market demand should see a good source because people are trying to go out & chase for their own help, satisfaction for themselves. So, I feel buying natural diamonds & investing in it for yourself gives a satisfaction. I feel the market is going to become better & is on a positive side.

Q. The natural diamond jewellery is been worn across segments from millennials to the generations which are grown with natural diamonds jewellery over the last two or three decades. So, in a wedding segment how big would be the natural diamond jewellery?

A. In our country, I feel wedding is a big market when it comes to natural diamond business. And I think with the coming time the intimae of weddings are becoming smaller in this time. So, I feel the demand for natural diamond jewellery will increase initially because this is something people want to buy for themselves & keep for generations, it is something that people want to invest in. The new generation also understands the fact that why it is better to invest in natural diamond jewellery rather then in something else.

Q. Even in this pandemic does natural diamond jewellery have more advantage & has it also gained peoples trust towards them?

A. There is one thing that people have realized during this pandemic that they should invest in themselves. Buying natural diamond jewellery also has a big share of that investment. People have realized that out of all the materialistic things, it is better to invest in something which has & holds value as well as emotions also. Buying natural diamond jewellery is always connected to some precious moments of your life. It has pushed people to realize that this is a good way or a good product to spend on.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.


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