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Nitya Jewels connects with the LGBTQ community, preaches unconditional love and non-judgmental acceptance




A campaign with a beautiful twist, Ratih Jewel’s banner, Nitya, is spreading the message of love spanning societies, communities and genders and positioning itself as a progressive forward looking brand.

What does one think of when we talk about branding? When it comes to the jewellery sector, it is mostly weddings and the festive fervour. One jeweller, however, has decided to run a series of ads that brands them with a difference. We are talking about Nitya Jewels from Surat, whose first campaign focuses on love.

The campaign throws light on all kinds of love — the focus being on the LGBTQ community. The ad film shows two girls celebrating their love with the jeweller’s beautiful pieces in lab-grown diamonds. The USP of the pieces is the universality — it is unisex. “The pieces can be worn by everyone. The designs are very smartly thought of. You can gift a loved one any of these designs without having to think twice,” said Rajnikant Chanchad, director, Nitya Jewels.

Chanchad talks in length about the concept behind the branding campaign. “We thought a lot about what could set us apart in an industry, where most players base their campaigns on the traditional aspects. We decided to focus on ‘pyaar’ (love) as a central theme. Love is not limited to just wedding bonds. We can love anyone, our parents, siblings and friends. Each of them deserve a piece of our precious jewellery. The dimensions of love have changed now. We see a lot of same-sex relationships. We are non-judgemental and celebrate all forms. A woman can love another woman and a man can love a man; we cherish them just like we cherish our heterogenous couples,” he said.

Does the focus on an LGBTQ relationship for a branding campaign also mean that the jeweller is looking at the community as their target customers? “Anyone is welcome, every relationship is important,” said Chanchad. “It is not like we are talking about any particular collection that we want to dedicate to the community. Our message to them is the same as it is to others. With Nitya Jewels, you need not think about being judged when you walk into our stores.”


Why the campaign looks like such a winner is because of its message. In India, although Section 377 stands decriminalized, people from the LGBTQ community still face discrimination and raised eyebrows because there is no code against that. It is society that needs to be inclusive of their sentiments, and Ratih Jewels seems to have nailed the brief. Added to that is their wide array of designs in gold, silver, diamonds (both natural and lab-grown) and coloured stones. The response, as a result, has been amazing.

“We are getting more customers with every passing day. We have also had same-sex couples coming in good numbers and getting comfortable in about their relationship as they buy from us. I think our campaign has given them the sense of comfort,” said Chanchad.

Chanchad reiterated that they have a series of campaigns coming up, all of which are different from the average jewellery branding clips. These will also focus on their lab-grown diamond section, which is a new arena in the country and promotes sustainability in luxury buying. All in all, here is a jeweller who seems to have given a good deal of thought into their ways.


Courtesy: As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine

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