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Hearts of gold campaign: An ode to unsung heroes by Khazana Jewellery



Hearts of Gold campaign by Khazana Jewellery

CHENNAI: Khazana Jewellery has launched a new initiative called the ‘Hearts of gold campaign’, under which the jeweller is sharing a series of inspiring stories of unknown persons and entities who are doing their bits for humanity.

In one of the posts, the brand had mentioned the role of Gurudwaras, Sikh places of worship, which are playing the role of ‘super feeders’ for all the people who are living away from home. In context to current healthcare scenario in the post, the brand goes on to highlight the role of the Delhi Gurudwara Committee, who are providing free meals to Covid-19 patients.

The ‘Hearts of gold campaign’ also talks about a mosque in Mumbai which provided oxygen cylinders to Covid patients through an NGO to help the healthcare workers. The campaign further highlighted the efforts of class 12 student Vidit Singh, who lost his father recently, but continues to help people in Kanpur by arranging oxygen cylinders for the same. Sharada Kerkar, a social activist in Goa, gets rations for Covid-19 patients and has also been mentioned in the campaign.

In a different post, the jeweller shared that the Tourism Finance Corporation of India has started an initiative called ‘School on Wheels’with an NGO, wherein three-wheelers drive around Bhubaneswar educating children about Covid-19 while helping them with food and shelter.

The brand has also glorified the deeds of some incredibly selfless people, who have proven to be good Samaritans in the fight against the pandemic. Krishiv KL Tekchandaniis one of them. He has been playing golf since the age of 7 and has donated all his savings to fund the vaccination drive at a local golf club. Similarly, Janardhan, a differently-abled Covid-19 worker from Kerala, is left with only Rs 850 after donating all his savings to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. A couple from Coimbatore pledged gold ornaments worth Rs. 2.20 lakhs to donate 100 pedestal fans to a hospital’s Covid-19 ward.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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