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Badalia Diamond Jewellers presents its extravagant Maharani Collection for all the brides to be this wedding season



Badalia Diamond Jewellers presents its extravagant Maharani Collection for all the brides to be this wedding season

Kolkata-based Sashi Badalia Group’s jewellery brand  Badalia Diamond Jewellers, that has been in the business of manufacturing and retailing diamonds for more than 65 years, has unveiled its opulent Maharani Collection ahead of the wedding season. The four-generation family-run natural diamond jewellery brand specializes in handcrafted solitaires, effulgent bridal & contemporary collection. It also provides a timeless and precious range of jewellery. to an affluent clientele based across the globe.

Badalia Diamond Jewellers is an iconic, heritage and trusted brand that built a reputation among its contemporaries under the guidance of the second-generation diamantaire Mr. Sashi Badalia. The reins have now been taken over by his son Mr. Golu Badalia, known for his in-depth knowledge of diamonds —be it grading, designing, or manufacturing.

Badalia Diamond Jewellers want all the brides to feel as special as the royalty hence, the Maharani collection will enhance their bridal look. This Collection that represents the grace, royalty and glamour of Indian queens who wore their diamonds with panache, features twenty intricately hand-crafted pieces including multi-layered solitaire necklaces, chandelier earrings and statement solitaire rings. The diamonds are set in 18k gold. Now every bride can feel the grace she is, by becoming one of the Badalia Brides.

“At Badalia Diamond Jewellers, every diamond we source is larger-than-life drawing attention to each of its facets. Every piece of jewellery we hand-craft is a work of art. The Maharani Collection, that reflects exactly this thought, is designed to make the bride to feel like a queen emanating regal luxuriance while drawing all attention to the sheer size, design and setting of the diamonds. Wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life and hence a perfect time to flaunt these pieces and start a new life. Maharani collection is all about opulence, style and exquisiteness and we are ecstatic to share these pieces with the world,” said Golu Badalia, Director, M. Sashi Badalia & Sons.

Badalia Diamond Jewellers, known for their big rocks, currently have one of the biggest inventories of loose solitaires and solitaire jewellery in the country. The brand has its own diamond manufacturing unit located in Kolkata with more than 600 craftsmen who breathe life into the jewellery with their hands. Interested buyers can seamlessly purchase loose diamond solitaires from the Badalia Diamond Jewellers app GBCO — the biggest marketplace to sell diamonds that is currently in use in 27 countries.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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