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Zoya weaves a fable of women, water, and life with its new diamond jewellery collection



Zoya diamond jewellery collection

Zoya’s new autograph collection of rare jewellery, Samāvé, is not relegated to the locker. In fact, the diamond jewellery is made for daily wear. Business head Amanpreet Ahluwalia explains, “Zoya has always challenged traditional notions that endorse the view that jewellery was meant to display one’s status and be worn sparingly. Samāvé is designed to make your daily wear meaningful, with artistic pieces that reflect your individuality.”

Zoya diamond jewellery

To celebrate the everyday, the collection features bracelets, earrings, a pendant and rings, made using clean geometric lines in rose and white gold. The geometric step-well formations in the jewellery hark back to India’s ancient step-wells. The step-well is more than a source of water—the collection portrays the Zoya woman traversing uneven terrain while tapping into her feminine power and her relationships. The well, with its varied steps and differing levels, is the journey of life.

Zoya diamond jewellery

Samāvé is an imagining of a connection between the past and the future. A round-cut diamond placed in the middle of a ‘reverse’ architecture represents the water in the step-well and by extension, life. Diamonds are cast directly into the gold with azure-cut windows for accessibility and a clean finish. The collection also uses the brand’s first registered patent, the ‘Zoya Baoli’ setting, and it is expected to make its presence felt in future collections.

Samāvé is available in Zoya stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Zoya Galleries in Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Courtesy: Vogue

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