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Manubhai Jewels’ Polki Jazz range is a hit among bride and family, thanks to brilliant promotion



Manubhai Jewels’ Polki Jazz range is a hit among bride and family, thanks to brilliant promotion

Jewellery tantalises sight. So, there is little wonder that a jeweller has to be thoroughly creative while planning the next promotional campaign of a totally new collection. And Manubhai Jewellers did a phenomenal piece of work with their latest offering in their premium segments, called Polki Jazz.

While the name itself might put you on the edge of your seat, the creatives on social media don’t fail to impress. Since the first week of March, the brand has been sharing images of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, typical New York city-lights, grayscale artworks of yesteryear’s buildings from the city itself and inklings of something jazzed up to floor the followers all throughout the month. Named ‘Polki Jazz’, the collection appeals to the tastes of the contemporary woman who would also love a dash of retro rush in the design of the diamond jewellery.

“Popularising uncut diamonds in an appealing way was the main motive of this collection,” said Samir Sagar, director, Manubhai Jewellers. “The collection of open set polka has been refashioned to excite the end-consumer to give a contemporary appeal. The essence is strongly that of the streets of New York in the bygone era and gives all sensory pleasures. Retaining the glory of polki jewellery as worn in India, we have given a western element of surprise to the design,” he added.

Talking about the surprise in design, the brand director said that 15K and 18K gold has been used to nestle the polki pieces, with a resultant lightweight range that is buoyant with the neckline for work wear, yet gorgeous enough to grab eyeballs at a family get together. 

Overall performance of the polki jazz range has been phenomenal with followers asking for price in the comments section. In-store, footfalls have increased due to the upcoming season and the polki jazz range, typically targeted at brides-to-be in the 25-35 year bracket, is finding takers not only within brides but also in their extended families. Affordability and the light nature of the collection are aiding this collection to be just fine for gifting purposes.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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