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Reliance Jewels walks followers through Kutch’s wonder through Rannkaar commercial



Reliance Jewels walks followers through Kutch’s wonder through Rannkaar commercial

Reliance Jewels recently released their new collection titled ‘Rannkaar’, focusing on regional values and ethos. This time, it’s the Great Rann of Kutch on focus. This salt marshland has been a tourist hotbed since years and the jewellery brand has upheld some fascinating aspects of this arid land in its latest video commercial spanning a little more than 4 minutes.

Every campaign by Reliance Jewels revolves around the culture of a particular region of India. Each campaign entails self-discovery through the culture influencing the protagonist. A similar narrative is being followed in the current commercial in which a Kutchi woman asks a tourist what brings her to this arid land. When in reply the tourist expresses the desire to explore the whole Kutch region in 3 days, the local woman encourages her to be a little more patient in order to explore every Kutchi flavour in detail.

Then follows the mellifluous journey during which the tourist first comes face to face with the mirror work of Lippan inside her hutment. During her stay, she also witnesses the fine tie & dye works of Bandhni from the region, a technique also reflected in her jewellery. The glory of Ajrakh printing is also seen in her jewellery as the collections take inspiration from local embroidery andeven Rogan painting techniques.The beauty of the commercial, which has reached over 7.2K views on Instagram and 3.8 lakh views on YouTube within 2 days of release, is attention to and mention of traditional techniques from which inspiration si being taken to design each jewellery piece showcased.

Adding a cherry on top of this stunning commercial is Reliance Jewels’ upcoming Instagram live fashion show on the Rannkaar collection. This event will take place on 17 April, Sunday at 7:30 pm. This is undoubtedly a powerful way to engage the followers first by the commercial, which focuses on the tradition, and then on with the fashion show that acquaints tradition with style so as to streamline conversion. 

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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