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Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal bring out named pendants in diamond, gold



Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal bring out named pendants in diamond, gold

Beyond engraving names in jewellery, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal have taken a step that absolutely dedicates jewellery to the wearer. The brand has recently come up with a new concept of personalized and customizable name chains. As per the concept, the brand offers customized, named pendants and initials in both gold or diamond jewellery. The jeweller has tied up with a city-based vendor for the service for this range

Giving more details about the concept, Shobhit Nagar, partner, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal, said, “Adding name or initials to the jewellery is a common thing in The US. However, the trend is slowly catching up in the country due to demands from millennials and Gen Z.

“We saw a good business opportunity to attract the attention of the new-age customers through this service. We previously used to keep initials but never promoted it. However, this time we have promoted it across all the social media posts.”

According to the offer available for in-store customers as well as customers with WhatsApp service, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal offers four different fonts in the name pendants and three fonts for initials for the customer to choose from. The customer also has the freedom to suggest their designs.  Apart from the design, the customers can also choose the length and thickness of the chain on which the pendant will be mounted. Customers opting for any of the customization services have to pay an advance of at least 70%, and the rest has to be paid during the product delivery.

According to Shobhit, it usually takes 7-15 days to manufacture the product. The response has been phenomenal as the jeweller has so far received 25 orders for name pendants and 50 orders for initials within 3 days of promoting the same.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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