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Konika Jewellery sensitizes about gold jewellery investment via Insta reel



Konika Jewellery sensitizes about gold jewellery investment via Insta reel

Investment in gold has been the part and parcel of the jewellery industry for long. Many brands have floated schemes with a rather serious approach. This time, Konika Jewellery, Chennai, hit the nail on its head, with a youthful take on gold investment.

It was an Instagram reel featuring Konika Jewellery Marketing head Tanvi Singhi herself. The seconds-long reel hooked viewers in by pointing out the various myths associated with investment in gold. Pointing at the top of the screen, Singhi mentioned how gold has been sidelined from investment often because of its high price and luxurious nature. She also underlined how the notion of investment in gold is much beyond than the affordability of the ‘rich’.

The most important factor of the video was the call-to-action, compelling viewers to get a detailed insight into how gold investment can be beneficial for everyone, starting with a price as little as Rs.1000. The comment section of the video had elaborate explainers against every myth, mentioning how top banks keep gold bullion as security.

Explaining the purpose of this video, which has received over 2,500 views at the time of writing this piece, Singhi shared the experience of a consumer whose habit of investing in gold saved her while arranging finances for an unavoidable occasion. “A homemaker, who was our regular customer, believed in buying gold jewellery with whatever money she had. By selling that jewellery, she was able to fund her son’s marriage. This price ascension over time is the infallible security of gold, for which it is the best metal to invest,” said Singhi. One needs not touch gold to invest in it, states the description, aligning viewers with Konika’s 0% gold purchase plan.

The reel is also adds a creative spin to sensitising the target audience about the worth of gold investment. “Rather than directly approaching customers with certain gold jewellery collections, we thought it to be better to highlight benefits of gold investment and thus initiate the need to invest in gold regularly,” maintained Singhi.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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