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CKC Group of Jewellers bring regal pearls back to spotlight with Pearl Girl campaign



CKC Group of Jewellers bring regal pearls back to spotlight with Pearl Girl campaign

A brilliant design typically consists of a unique thought process. The element of surprise arises when a brand comes up with contrasts as breathtaking as Tahitian pearls with diamonds, or say, the Melo Melo Pearl with diamonds and rubies. Yes, that is the power-packed punch by C. Krishniah Chetty Group with their latest Pearl Girl campaign.

The brand is revitalising the omniscient love for pearls with 18kt and 22kt gold, diamonds and precious colour gemstones. The overall look and feel of the campaign reminds one of the classic Sophia Lauren look. Targeted at the serious fashionista who wants to create a statement with her every appearance, this campaign is meant to touch the hearts of trend trailblazers. 

Speaking about the USP of the collection, Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director, C. Krishniah Chetty Group, said, “Pearls have never gone out of fashion. The design elements have been accents. Real pearl jewellery has always been very elegant, fashionable, contemporary yet understated. C. Krishniah Chetty would like to bring them to the public to show how amazing they are. These are agnostic to skin colour and makes it perfect for all.”

The collection has pearls as the principle gemstone. Creating a new focal point of jewellery fashion, the range is enhancing the beauty quotient of regal pearls with the shine of colour gemstones and diamonds.

Besides usual promotions, the brand is also engaging followers through an activity on Instagram. All one has to do is take a selfie wearing pearl jewellery and upload on Instagram with #PearlGirlCKC, tagging the brand’s social media handles to the original post. Also utlising Instagram stories, the brand is pushing interesting trivias about pearls and engaging customers with contests. Explaining the purpose behind this hybrid strategy, Cotha said, “Awareness happens when people are interactive. This helps the desire of knowning more. We believe that a customer has to be educated in order to own the right products. Such activities improve buyer awareness levels.”

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