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Tanishq’s #heerahotum campaign narrates journeys of 4 women with unconventional professions



Tanishq's #heerahotum campaign narrates journeys of 4 women with unconventional professions

Jewellery is no longer an adornment just to enhance physical beauty. India has learnt to move ahead with fashion, and a woman who stands up for every virtue she believes in, flaunts jewellery in a different fashion. Tanishq has become the go-to brand for such women changemakers for very valid reasons.

One of the most prominent reasons behind Tanishq’s market leadership is the message it puts across through its innovative campaigns. The latest is the #heerahotum campaign, in which the brand zeroes in on four women with unconventional professions. It’s the zeal to ride against the tide which encapsulates each of Patsy, Nori, Mrudula, and Chitra. Patsy is a biker-homemaker, Nori is a self-taught illustrator, Mrudula is a zero waste enthusiast, and Chitra is a celebrated happiness minister!

The first two videos put focus on Patsy and Chitra’s lives. Patsy also dons the cap of a stained glass artist. “Those who know me as a biker-mum, also know the kind of love and passion I instill in every stainless glass art,” she says.

Chitra’s life actually began from the end, with three children and no roof over their heads. “I rebuild myself one day at a time, and now I’m a happiness minister to a team of 400, and a proud mum,” says she.

The campaign is ongoing, with Tanishq’s followers still to know about Mrudula and Nori’s fascinating journey. But one thing is certain. Just like the tagline of the campaign, Tanishq indeed helps women ‘become a diamond’ with inspiration aplenty.

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