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Superior Quality, Realistic Pricing, Hallmarked Kundan Jewellery is Our Forte



Playing around with traditional kundan and nakshi jewellery comes easy to Radhika Jewelscraft. In an interview with The Retail Jeweller, Rahul Jain, owner, Radhika Jewelscraft Private Ltd. speaks on how challenging it is to evolve products within a form that dates back to many centuries and the recent trends that have made them sit up and pay heed.

The Retail Jeweller: What is your core competency?
Rahul Jain (RJ): Kundan and nakshi forms of jewellery require highly skilled workmanship and we have succeeded in gaining the confidence of our customers in this aspect. We are also one of the very few jewellers in Jaipur who provide hallmarked kundan jewellery along with a detailed break-up of every piece. I’m certain all these have worked and continue to work in our favour.

TRJ: What are your product specialisations?
RJ: As a brand, we manufacture, supply and export earrings, pendants, necklaces, and a host of accessories but our main focus is on necklaces and chokers in traditional kundan jewellery and nakshi temple jewellery.

TRJ: How important is product development to the business?
RJ: It’s a given that traditional kundan and nakshi forms of jewellery have their own limitations and that’s precisely why we try to constantly evolve the workflow. This helps move beyond the commonly accepted shapes and highlight those which stand out. For instance, our octagon shaped kundan pieces boast of intrinsic craftsmanship and resemble an artwork.

TRJ: What are your plans on market expansion?
RJ: We have attended most of the major jewellery shows in the domestic market as well as some international shows and I strongly feel that the kundan jewellery market is deep rooted in India. The domestic market has always been bustling at any given time of the year and jewellery shows help spread the word.

TRJ: What are the recent trends in Kundan jewellery?
RJ: Customers are quite non-fussy when it comes to traditional kundan jewellery but of late, we’ve noticed a growing pattern in the sale of smaller and more casual pieces. While the heavy and more ornate sets are reserved for weddings, the nouveau middle class has an eye for lightweight kundan, which is growing in popularity. These pieces are reasonably priced and at the same time, look no different from their more archaic and elaborate counterparts.

TRJ: Have you contemplated going beyond your specialisation?
RJ: Yes, we have been experimenting with accessories and have a collection of maang tikas, haath and pata, hand and feet jewellery respectively. We’ve spotted a growing demand in these and want to create an elaborate collection while necklaces and chokers continue to remain our USP.

TRJ: How challenging is it to maintain your network of retailers and grow your business?
RJ: I think we’ve got this right so far. We share regular updates with retailers and exhibitors about our latest innovations and offerings and that helps create a chain of demand and supply. We’ve reached a stage when retailers reach out to us to cater to their needs.

TRJ: What are the highpoints of your business so far?
RJ: We take pride in the fact that we have always insisted on and maintained transparency in our business dealings – no transactions without appropriate billing. I can easily say that our winning edge is superior quality, realistic pricing and hallmark status for the jewellery.

For your information:
Rahul Jain, owner
Radhika Jewelscraft
Ph no: 9929288868
Email: radhikajewels@yahoo.co.in

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