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Rivana Has Exclusive Appeal, Offers Value For Money



Millennials today are looking at owning classic pieces of jewellery which are reasonably priced and can be handed down generations. In an interview with The Retail Jeweller, Vaishali Shah, head of Rivana, speaks about her desire to create affordable designer jewellery, contemporary requirements and the baby steps that brand Rivana has been taking.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): How do you explain your product specialization?
Vaishali Shah (VS): Rivana is a young brand and we are still in the process of creating our own space out there. Our main objective lies in creating affordable designer jewellery which looks wow and can reach out to as many out there. Our pieces are lightweight and contemporary, in keeping with today’s design requirements and don’t come with an unrealistic price tag.

TRJ: What is your core competency?
VS: Our core competency lies in designs and workmanship that stand out in the crowd. Our loyal customer base, comprising of primarily middle and high-end individuals, can vouch for the fact that our distinctive designs have its own appeal and that’s what makes them so irresistible. Now a great design can fall flat without superior workmanship – that’s our strength. Both put together create quite an impressive piece of jewellery.

TRJ: How important is constant innovation and development in facilitating product development?
VS: Our credibility has been established and we are blessed with a loyal customer base. And this is reason enough for us to push the boundaries and offer them new and innovative products every time they visit us. As a brand, we believe in judiciously using sales history to develop our new line of products which are not only unique but are relatively low on design risk. We also play around with different materials and that helps us create unique products with unique looks.

TRJ: Buying patterns, design trends and consumer sensibilities keep evolving with time. Which of these influence your designs the most?
VS: Our jewellery lines keep in mind buying patterns, latest design trends and consumer sensibilities at the same time. How else can we offer designer jewellery at price points that reflect generic products?
Millennials are quite a force to reckon with in the consumer scenario today and keeping them in mind, we focus on using solitaires, fancies and platinum as material. These techniques help connect with the young generation and also look very stylish and chic.

TRJ: Give us a sneak peek into your new collection for the forthcoming wedding season?
VS: Every season comes with its new demands and look and this clearly is one space where the look of the previous season can only be bettered in the next one. At Rivana, we have been working on an antique temple jewellery collection in 22 KT gold and kundan for the upcoming wedding season. We are also planning to play around with shapes, which is quite a trend in the market now. After all, people want their traditional jewellery to look different. I think this is also an extension of the desire to own classic heirlooms which can be handed down many generations and yet remain evergreen in its look and appeal. This thought is the driving force behind our forthcoming collection.

TRJ: From a design point of view, do you spot any major shifts in the contemporary market?
VS: Yes, there are constant changes depending on a lot of external factors and I think the only way a business can survive today is to sit up too and pay heed to some of these changes. Over the last few years, there’s been quite a trend in reviving temple jewellery and this genre has become very popular with consumers. But in the recent past, temple jewellery, which is otherwise believed to be chunky, heavy and very traditional, has been flaunting a lightweight look and is more affordable as well without losing its classy look and feel.
Another aspect of a nouveau development in jewellery production and development most certainly is the micro pave and illusion setting in diamond jewellery. I feel this technique offers consumers immense value for money and is at the same time has upped the bar for jewellery in its category.

TRJ: How do you plan to expand your existing market?
VS: The store has done reasonably well in its first year and our focus right now is to build this base. Having said that, we still are in a very nascent stage of existence and aim to create a robust business model before physically expanding to other locations.

TRJ: How do you look at the next few years for brand Rivana?
VS: The market and subsequently, the business has been evolving considerably over the last few years. With the way things are right now, it’s hard to predict a pattern with the market today. Add to that constant price war everywhere– we can only see brand Rivana moving ahead through all this, while keeping our ethics and values intact. While the industry seems to have bottomed out somewhat on the price war, I strongly feel and believe that it’s only brands which can instantly connect with their consumers that will survive the long run. Also, there’s no alternative to quality and that’s where our USP lies. Rivana hopes to continue with its exclusive appeal while still being value for money.

For your information:
Vaishali Shah
Ph no: 02271021000

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