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Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery links global architectural heritage to consumer choice by appreciating Byzantine art



Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery links global architectural heritage to consumer choice

Jewellery gets its design from artistic thoughts. The ornaments we flaunt today have embellishments culminating centuries-old progression. It’s always great to recognize the root of a brand value, which Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery, Jaipur has unveiled in an interesting Instagram update that doesn’t promote jewellery per se.

It was an art appreciation post on July 5, in which the brand posted an unbelievably gorgeous artwork showing two peacocks perching on a palatial entablature supported by equally decorated columns. It is an excerpt from an album titled “Collection of Byzantine and Old Russian Ornaments” by Prince Grigory Grigorievich Gagarin.

“Prince Gagarin was the vice-president of the Academy of Arts, he was known primarily as a wonderful artist. He created architectural projects and painted theatrical scenery. He took Russian culture and art to the world platform,” said Niharika Singh Shekhawat, creative director, Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery. Explaining how art has been a catalyst to the brand’s design philosophy, Niharika maintained that SSJ constantly draws inspiration from the beautiful ancient architecture, fresco motifs and botanicals.

Associating the brand’s involvement in research with its consumers is a masterstroke. In this way, consumers have their expectations at the right place and get to know the brand closely. Similarly, their impressions on social media helps the brand navigate through customer persona more effectively. Linking international architectural heritage with the brand’s philosophy has been the right way ahead for any progressive Indian jeweller, and this post by SSJ puts the point across superbly.

Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery

“I believe that luxury has a lot to learn from the Art world. Art is luxury at its best. It is unique, universal, cosmopolitan, timeless, and holds its value. Today’s consumer is well-read and well aware. They understand and appreciate art more than ever,” said Niharika.

The brand continues its unique storytelling for social media engagement, and has promoted jewellery with a matrimonial video one of its customers recently. Discussing how virtual storytelling matters more than ever in digital marketing now, she said, “Jewellery is weighted with meaning. Virtual storytelling helps consumers connect with individual pieces in the absence of physical proximity during pandemic.”

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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