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PC Jeweller thrills youth with radical animal collection



PC Jeweller thrills youth with radical animal collection

Innovation becomes a pressing need in a luxury segment such as jewellery when its market evolves with new-age customers coming with a different set of demands. They may not like what is already in store. Variety is what they want, and baby steps on that direction go a long way to impress the end-consumer, just like PC Jeweller’s latest collection inspired by wildlife.

A look at the brand’s current promotional runs for this collection on Instagram will show the departure from usual photoshoot techniques and treatments that PC Jeweller is employing. Shot in a dense forested area, the vibe of the collection comes out remarkably with the shoot. One gets to see significant design innovation in the pendants, chains, brooches, earrings, and double finger rings with motifs of honeybees, butterfly, scorpions, dragon flies, cranes, giraffe, bison, tiger and a whole lot of wild adventure power-packed in those dainty silver and diamond pieces.

Interestingly, the range also consists of jewellery pieces that can be used as buttons, belts and other accessories. The campaign started from November 8 on Instagram and has been grabbing the attention of followers like never before. Each of its two promotional videos have garnered over 41K and 50K views respectively. To top that, the behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot has amassed over a whopping 1.7 lakh views since uploaded on November 10.

“The collection is inspired by the virtuosity and enigma of wildlife, that strikes a balance with Nature,” said Rahul Jain, Media Head, PC Jeweller, New Delhi. “To surprise the new-age buyers, we have brought out this range of detachable jewellery that blends with every style statement, be it casual or fashion wear. Also, the mixture of silver and diamonds have made this range very affordable and attractive,” he added.

According to Jain, this collection targets the 25-40 years age group of stylistically inclined women from the upper middle class society. “We are targeting women who love to be bold, passionate, yet enjoy their delicate nature and want to stand out in the crowd. The radical jewellery designs resemble the persona of the wearer,” Jain maintained.

The range has turned out to be a hot favourite for post-pandemic socialization and fashion circles. The jeweller is getting a lot of orders online, mostly from young buyers because of its looks and affordability.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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