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SGL launches New York Lab & the latest lab-grown detection device ‘Dia Screen’



SGL kicks of operations in its first U.S. laboratory situated in Manhattan’s diamond district.

Having set foot in the biggest retail market SGL also disclosed its commencement of ‘Dia Screen’. A one of a kind laboratory-grown diamond screening device which screens for  CVD & HPHT lab-grown diamonds, and natural diamonds. And it also isolates and identifies moissanite and cubic zirconias.

“We can’t underestimate the significance of separating HPHT from CVD lab-grown diamonds,” said Chirag Soni, co-director, SGL Worldwide.

It’s no longer simply lab-grown vs natural. The growing price distinction alone will make it gravely imperative for the industry to disassociate HPHT from CVD lab-grown diamonds.

Dia Screen is offered in two sizes (with identical technology), and currently available for sale at SGL New York, Dubai & Mumbai.

SGL will be exhibiting at JCK in Las Vegas at Booth 3094 in the Diamond Pavilion.


Courtesy: Press Release

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