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With our head quarters in London, we started our journey of education, and further extended it to the Gulf region, this is the first time, we have launched our courses in India. We are offering these courses in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Thrissur to gemmology professionals, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Our fast-track programmes are highly recommended and practical for imparting gem knowledge with a unique, inspiring and sparkling approach. These fast track programmes of 6 days education provides comprehensive knowledge and experience to students. The courses have been designed for trade professionals, they will be able to judge cut, colour and clarity of diamonds as well as coloured stones. The courses will teach them the use of gemmological tools with confidence and estimating gemstone weight in mounted jewellery.

“SGL offers fast-track programmes imparting invaluable gem knowledge with a practical approach. Our 6 days education programmes provide comprehensive knowledge and experience to students. It is currently the fastest way to learn about Gems and Diamonds in a very short span of time.
– Chirag Soni, Director, SGL

SGL’s diploma courses are for those who need to study diamonds and gem stones in-depth, either to further their career or to fuel their passion, which is the ultimate education in diamonds. A good understanding of diamond grading is essential for the buying, selling and trading of diamonds. The Diamond Diploma course gives students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of diamonds and how the diamond market operates. With a combination of theory and practical tuition, one will study all the factors that affect a diamond’s appearance and properties. About diamond grading, the 4Cs (carat weight, colour, clarity and cut) and the other factors that influence value, as well as how to identify and recognize imitations and treatments. To recognize and describe the structure of a diamond and how this relates to its physical and optical properties. It helps you understand the different diamond types and colour mechanisms occurring within diamonds to recognize and distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and to compare and identify a diamond and its stimulants. One will learn the different diamond types and colour mechanisms occurring within diamonds to recognize and distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and to compare and identify a diamond and its stimulants. How to accurately interpret, explain, evaluate and communicate diamond testing results, accurately interpret, explain, evaluate and communicate diamond testing results. Confidently speak the diamond language to your customers, suppliers and vendors. More than 150 diamonds to be graded for practicals.When it comes to diamond trading, one will be able to contribute with all he/she has learned and perform tasks by reading the diamond price list, deal with their suppliers, different ways dealers sell their merchandise and how to make informed buying decisions.

Merits of studying at SGL
1. Largest variety of gemstones.
2. Knowledgeably, passionate and inspiring teaching.
3. Accessible, detailed and useful  course material.
4. Several teaching locations across the Gulf and India.

The practical culmination of courses, through our unique diamond and gemstone reference collection and detailed images, one will learn how to handle, study and assess over 6 days. Focusing on treatment and origin, discover the hands-on need to-know basics in the gem and jewellery business. Master the microscope to observe both internal and external features, while understanding gemmological examination. With the practical loupe work learn how to take these skills outside of the classroom in the field.

“Our gemmological courses have been designed to improve one’s knowledge in topics related to grading, identification, treatments, formation, mining, manufacturing as well as how to face everyday tasks in the ever-changing gemstone industry.
– Shirin Bandukwalla, Director, SGL

In this ever – evolving market, it is imperative that your staff has knowledge in the basics of diamonds and gemstones. We at SGL aim to provide you with the best knowledge for your counter sales staff, Q.C. specialists, assorters, floor managers etc. Our highly trained faculty will arrange for short batches which will cover a variety of topics related to diamond 4C’s, gemstone basics and sales techniques.

These short courses will benefit manufacturing staff by enabling them to make better and accurate buying decisions. They will also aid in a better selection of goods to be fit in jewellery. Jewellers will see a marked difference in performance of their staff as these courses cover confidence building, mock conversations between client and counter staff, etc. The counter sales staff will also be in a better position to explain the product to their client, thus helping them to make an informed decision.

SGL also offers information on precious gemstones and diamond treatments, their synthetics and various stimulants.

To know more about our courses, contact your nearest SGL branch or email us at london@solitaire-labs.com or india@solitaire-labs.com or dubai@solitaire-labs.com

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