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SGL conducts another knowledgable session as a global initiative to educate customers with Pure Jewels



Gemstone training at SGL

SGL recently conducted an interactive gemstone training session for Pure Jewels’ clientele, London.

It was a joint initiative taken by SGL and Pure Jewels. The training was conducted by Ms Shaheen Bandukwalla, Head of Training and Education at SGL. The session imparted knowledge and training about the gemstones, there identification techniques and phenomena along with the practical session.

SGL aims to conduct practical knowledge steered sessions which talk about the on-going requirements and synopsis of the gems and jewellery industry. SGL offers a set-of gemmological courses to professionals, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Quote- Shaheen Bandukwalla

Ms Shaheen Bandukwalla said “SGL education is a knowledge-driven institute thus along with our gemmology courses which teach one to grade 4C’s of diamonds and learn about coloured stones, we also have designed courses to improve one’s proficiency about retail management and sales techniques. This initiative is to allow a person to learn about beauty, rarity and durability of gemstones gems. We also have a unique five days diamond grading programme Coloured Gemstone Specialist. ” 

Continuing the knowledge programme SGL will soon be conducting a Gems Masterclass at Pure Jewels, on the 15th of December, 2019 

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