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Reliance Jewels’ Bella collection upholds everyday jewellery to celebrate all small-occasions



Casual wears always go great with minimalistic jewellery. And in case of jewellery that enhance the persona, it needs a dash of colour. Reliance Jewels came up with their Bella Collection of lightweight jewellery based on colour gemstones. The brand has also launched a video commercial highlighting the ‘dash of colour’ in the colour gemstones used.

This time, the brand has explored a range of precious colour gemstones such as amethyst of various hues and mother of pearl with 14kt gold for an extremely reasonable price slab starting from Rs 5K and above. Beyond that offering, the brand has identified various micro celebrations that take place everyday in life. From a dinner with the beloved to putting our best foot forward during presentations, Reliance Jewels again upheld new gifting opportunities and demand through everyday casual wear jewellery.

The video has received over 25K views on Instagram at the time of writing this piece. The promotion of Bella range included very impactful post copies that revolve around the various styling preferences across all micro-occasions for the Indian youth, thus creating instant recall value.   

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller Exclusive

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