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Melorra finds a unique way to become a jewellery-style destination

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Customer awareness is the lifeblood for progress of any jewellery brand today. Brands across the country have their go at it with advertisements, video commercials and what not. But few are as persistent and as thorough as Melorra. Their Instagram section ‘Now & How’ is an easy key to a host of jewellery related knowledge in blog formats that people find handy.

Started about 15 months before, the Now and How section of Melorra covers everything from trend alerts to cross-dressing and styling hacks with the latest Melorra collections. Take the article on pastel shades for example. The insightful walkthrough of fashion in Hollywood and Bollywood, and how that reflects on the way the youth decks themselves up is a very interesting read both for someone who understands fashion, and someone who is learning to assimilate fashion sense with jewellery. As a digital-first brand scoring primarily on minimalistic designs, fashion is a stronghold of Melorra and the brand is leaving no stones unturned to permeate that sense into every curious person scrolling by for some interest nuggets of information.

The wealth of information puts Melorra as one of the most fashion-conscious jewellery brands which take great caution to help their customers, existing and prospective, stylise themselves with jewellery as the main accessory. This ensures strong brand recall and eventually, greater brand trust.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller Exclusive

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