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Raj Diamonds reaches out to its employees’ moms in a poignant Mother’s Day tribute



Employees washed the feet of their mothers and sought their blessings at an event held at the manufacturing unit of Raj Diamonds in Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore

In a poignant Mother’s Day tribute, diamond jewellery brand Raj Diamonds invited the mothers of its employees to an event held at its manufacturing unit in Gandhinagar, Bangalore and sought their blessings. It included a ritual washing of the mothers’ feet by the employees, to remind all about the saying “Paradise lies at your mother’s feet”. The celebration saw the participation of around 100 mothers, and captured various moments of love, care, and support while celebrating the many facets of mothers. A special puja was performed, and gift hampers were also given to all the mothers as part of the celebration.

Celebrating the unbreakable spirit of mothers, Eshwar Surana, Managing Director, Raj Diamonds, said, “It is said that God can’t be present everywhere, and so he created mothers on earth. Mothers are like natural diamonds – beautiful, strong, precious, and filled with love that lasts forever. Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful, and every mother is unique in her own way. She needs to be cherished throughout the year for her selfless love and dedication to keeping family always ahead of her.”

Commenting on this special day, Hemavathy, the mother of an employee, said, “There is no greater bond on this planet than the bond between a mother and her children. Mothers feel truly appreciated and content when their kids are praised for their success. The event truly showcased the unconventional paths of mothers from different walks of life who have overcome societal and financial hardships to emerge as strong individuals, creating a niche for themselves and their children. We thank Raj Diamonds for this memorable event.”

Speaking on the occasion, Rajvaneel Chandan, an employee of Raj Diamonds, said, “Mothers deserve all the love and pampering in the world. They are the epitome of love, care and support. They are no less than a miracle. A single day is not enough to honour the love and sacrifice of a mother. My mother taught me how to learn from my mistakes. She is the only constant in this ever-changing world. Hopefully, this event becomes a symbol to remind us about all the good deeds and sacrifices of our mothers for the rest of our lives.”

The event showcased a woman’s motherhood in multiple ways and also appreciated mothers who are strong and don’t let the harsh realities of life impact their children’s dreams and hopes.

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