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Raj Diamonds launches diamond jewellery collection at Bangalore Fashion Week



The collection comprises high-fashion and couture pieces that will cater to the demands for fine jewellery during the upcoming wedding and festive season as well as other momentous occasions

Raj Diamonds launched its Opulent Allure diamond jewellery collection at the Bangalore Fashion Week. The new collection features necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants and an array of several other handcrafted diamond-encrusted jewellery pieces in captivating cuts for the upcoming festive and wedding season. A diamond necklace worth Rs. 4 crore with D color and FL clarity, studded with 232 perfect diamonds and set in 18kt yellow gold was also displayed during the event.

The collection comprises Burma rubies, sapphires, Colombian emeralds, Afghan kunzite, rare Tanzanite from Tanzania, and rare Paraíba tourmalines. Each gemstone tells a story – a narrative of the Earth’s geological journey, its transformation under pressure, and the revelation of its unique character. This collection exemplifies the magic of colours, seamlessly fusing extraordinary coloured gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship.

“It’s always been our endeavour to bring beautifully designed products crafted to perfection. Abiding by the same, we have launched our striking new collection – Opulent Allure, with a new vibe making every milestone moment a cherished memory to behold. The vibrance and charm of our new collection will rightly reflect the myriad roles that today’s women gracefully portray. With each gemstone’s vivid hues and individual characteristics, this collection unveils a world where no two pieces are alike and is sure to add panache and extend the effortlessly unique persona of the wearer,” said Eshwar Surana, Managing Director, Raj Diamonds.

This jewellery collection has been meticulously designed in statement pieces to resonate with the profound emotions of several special occasions, be it bridal jewellery, stylish and stunning party wear jewellery, traditional occasions, cocktail jewellery, timeless solitaires or celebrations of life’s special moments. Each piece in this collection is a high-fashion, couture masterpiece that is certain to make a bold and unforgettable statement.

“From classic styles that exude timeless beauty to intricate and avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of creativity, our diamond jewellery caters to diverse tastes. We hope each jewellery piece from this bespoke collection will be cherished. We are also extremely upbeat about the upcoming festive & wedding season and expect strong growth in line with the recent sales trend. We thank our customers for their trust in the brand which made us achieve great milestones”, added Eshwar.

Since its inception, Raj Diamonds has ushered in a whole new era of diamond artistry and has established a legacy of trust, quality and integrity. There’s a diamond for every occasion, perfect to celebrate your special moment. Every diamond is meticulously selected for its characteristics and promise above and beyond the 4Cs of cut, colour, clarity and carat.

At Raj Diamonds, every jewellery is screened with the latest technology and the brand’s adherence to stringent standards in terms of quality has helped in establishing themselves as one of the most trusted diamond jewellery brands in the country. Raj Diamonds has created a special place for itself in the minds of the customers due to diversity in its jewellery, unique artwork and purity.

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