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Platinum Guild International and Senco Gold & Diamonds launch ‘Platinum Evara Nova Collection’  



Platinum Guild International and Senco Gold & Diamonds launch 'Platinum Evara Nova Collection'  

The collection is priced between Rs 20,000 and 60,000, and is now available at select Senco Gold & Diamonds stores nationwide 

Mumbai: Platinum Guild International (PGI) India, in collaboration with Senco Gold & Diamonds, has unveiled the Platinum Evara Nova Collection, a new line of platinum jewellery celebrating the modern woman’s joy. Senco Gold & Diamonds presents this collection as a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary design, suitable for various occasions and versatile enough to complement any outfit. 

The Platinum Evara Nova Collection embodies the inherent attributes of platinum—clean lines, timeless elegance, and sophisticated class—reflecting the dynamic spirit of today’s multi-faceted women. Crafted from 95% pure platinum, each piece showcases the metal’s versatility and beauty, enhanced with exquisite diamonds, precious stones, and touches of pink gold. The naturally white, luminous platinum forms the core of the design, exuding modernity and sophistication. 

The collection features innovative themes such as organic negative spaces, soft layering, unique dimensions, and elements like subtle clean lines, scales, grooves, and curved shapes, resulting in unique contemporary pieces. Highlights include bi-metal chain necklaces with pink gold accents and platinum adorned with diamonds, intricate statement earrings, and flexible bracelets designed for frequent wear. 

Suvankar Sen, CEO & MD of Senco Gold & Diamonds, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “We are thrilled to launch the Platinum Evara Nova collection for women. Today’s women are multi-faceted, pursuing their dreams, and manifesting their extraordinary potential. Inspired by their spirit and strength, the collection embodies the ‘New World, New Me’ ethos, celebrating these women’s essence. Through expert craftsmanship, we have infused diamonds, precious stones, and pink gold accents with platinum to provide a modern look and feel to the collection. Our aim is to offer women versatile yet elevated platinum jewellery pieces that reflect their individuality and aspirations.” 


Vaishali Banerjee, MD of PGI India, also commented on the launch, saying, “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Senco Gold & Diamonds through the Platinum Evara Nova Collection. This collection is a testament to our commitment to meeting the discerning tastes and preferences of modern women—bold, empowered, and unapologetically themselves. At PGI, we continuously explore innovative design avenues for platinum jewelry. This collection represents our dedication to offering fresh and contemporary pieces that resonate with our consumers’ aspirations and individuality.” 

The Platinum Evara Nova Collection, priced between Rs 20,000 and 60,000, is now available at select Senco Gold & Diamonds stores nationwide. 

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