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Paksha by Tarinika launch Tyarra Collection for winter season



Paksha by Tarinika launch Tyarra Collection for winter season

Onset of winter means anticipation of holidays, festivities & New years, which inevitably makes one think of sparkle and joy and what better than classic, delicate yet elegant jewellery to end year with. Bestow your loved ones or treat yourself with Paksha By Tarinika in the spirit of the Winter season with it’s all-new collection “Enduring Winter’’ where every design has a story.

Sometimes the smallest details in life have the most significance. This is also true in the world of jewellery. It isn’t always the most flashy or large pieces that make the most impact. Minimal pieces can carry more meaning while still making a fashion statement.

The new range comprises of delicate, dainty rings, pendants, necklaces, designed to be your special everyday partner through the peaks and troughs of life. The collection is designed with a touch of lightness that can be carried through occasions, from day to night. Tyarra could be a working woman who loves delicate work accessories, a college-going girl who likes a touch of delicate glamour, a mom who likes to keep things simple & elegant, or a young teenager who is just discovering jewellery.

The pieces are made of exquisite freshwater pearls, gemstones and gold-plated 925 silver.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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