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ORRA launches new collection of bridal jewellery




The shimmer of diamonds, the glistening of gold and the eternity of platinum, ORRA launches an all new collection of bridal jewellery. Inspired by a rich Victorian heritage and the beauty of a spring in full bloom, the collection brings alive the festive glow of every bride-to- be! Coupled with exciting offers on the occasion of its Anniversary Sale with upto 25% off on diamond jewellery and making charges starting now at only 4% on gold jewellery, ORRA promises to woo diamond loving brides across the country!

ORRA’s Anniversary collection has taken its inspiration from the evolution of the Indian bride.

From being shy and doe-eyed at the pheraas to transforming into the confident and self expressing woman that she truly is, at her reception and cocktail events, ORRA wishes to encompass every element of bridal jewellery at these different stages.

Commenting on the launch of ORRA’s new bridal jewellery collection and Anniversary Sale announcement, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Director – ORRA) says, “Diamond jewellery is making great strides in the bridal jewellery segment. The demand however is stronger at other wedding led events, where the bride is allowed to truly express herself in choosing her attire. This is where we see a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. At ORRA, we are working towards giving her the best of the Belgian diamond heritage to shine on her big day. We have always had a positive response from consumers across the country on the occasion of ORRA’s Anniversary Sale and this year too we look forward to generating new curiosity from them with the launch of our new diamond bridal jewellery collections.”

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Amongst the wide variety to choose from, ORRA’s Victorian Necklace Set, is inspired from jewels and motifs of the Victorian Romantic Period (1837-1860). With rich green gemstones surrounded by fine diamonds which accentuate its colour, the piece is a symbol of royalty and magnificence encircled with a delicate line of yellow gold resembling embroidery-inspired filigree.

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Brides can also choose from larger gold sets from ORRA’s 22k collection. An interplay of the light and dark of blue enamel, outling the beauty of a spring in full bloom, ORRA presents delicately careved gold necklaces are a unique piece of art. Crafted with a geometric texure that adds to its stunning inlay, the pieces are further accentuated through the tinkle of ghugroos set at the base.

This wedding season, choose to shine bright with flawless diamonds from ORRA! Visit any of ORRA’s 33 stores across the country or simply log onto www.orra.co.in to experience these stunning collections today.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India news service


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