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Online diamond trading platform DiamondXE seeks to change the way diamonds are bought and sold



The website is home to 5,00,000+ natural and lab-grown diamonds, certified by trusted labs like the GIA, IGI, HRD and others. It addresses the challenges of transparency in pricing and facilitates transactions for buyers, dealers and suppliers

Online diamond exchange. DiamondXE, founded by Deepali Vijay Jain and Ankit Singh Kimtee, is on a mission to revolutionize the way diamonds are bought and sold, facilitating transactions through its breakthrough platform for buyers, dealers/jewellers, and suppliers. In an era where lab-grown diamonds have combined with their natural counterparts to shape the market, numerous challenges have emerged including the challenges of transparency in pricing and the dynamics of supply. In the midst of these complexities, DiamondXE stands as a solution provider, transforming the industry with a focus on delivering excellence.

DiamondXE.com offers free search, browsing and listing. Suppliers can effortlessly upload and manage their listings, buyers can compare diamond prices and features with a simple click, and dealers/jewellers get to access an expansive virtual inventory without any hassles. DiamondXE prioritizes exceptional customer support and easy returns and exchange. The DiamondXE website is home to an extensive 5,00,000+ natural and lab-grown diamonds, certified by leading trusted laboratories like the GIA, IGI, HRD and others, providing Diamond verse, a virtual 360 ° view of the diamond(s). A selection comprising classic solitaires ranging from 0.18 cents to 20 carats inclusive of exquisite fancy-coloured diamonds caters to a variety of preferences and requirements. The user-friendly interface allows customers to browse and buy diamonds with ease, and at transparent prices. Advanced AI recommended search, and matching pair mechanisms optimize the selection process for users.

DiamondXE draws strength from its founders’ combined experience of more than 60 years in the jewellery and gemology sectors. With a background that instils in them the core values of trust and tradition, the two founders are driven by a commitment to provide innovative yet reliable solutions, governed by the highest standards of integrity, transparency and ethical conduct. “Our intent is to become a globally recognized and trusted name in diamond trading,” expressed Deepali Vijay Jain, Founder Chairwoman of DiamondXE. “Through a unified platform that streamlines all essential functions, our goal transcends beyond mere service—it’s a passionate endeavour to meet the diverse requirements of our valued customers and exceed their highest expectations.”

“We are thrilled to introduce DiamondXE as the much-needed tech solution in a market that presents numerous challenges to diamond suppliers and buyers,” said Ankit Singh Kimtee, Founder of DiamondXE. “Our platform’s cutting-edge capabilities and focus on customer satisfaction will establish new benchmarks for industry excellence through Artificial Intelligence.”

DiamondXE’s state-of-the-art digital solutions include a virtual inventory system for dealers/jewellers to access a vast selection of inventory without the need to physically hold it. In addition, the White Label Solution and Mark-up features provide dealers/jewellers the opportunity to leverage the DiamondXE website and offer a personalized experience to their clients, keeping their brand identity intact.

Courtesy: cxotoday.com

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