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Dancer-influencer drives Om Jewellers’ reel views sky-high with peppy Bollywood performances

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Dancer-influencer drives Om Jewellers’ reel views sky-high with peppy Bollywood performances

Bollywood songs make for a sure-fire tool to grab eyeballs of Indians any day. Jewellery brands have thus been making thousands of reels to showcase their jewellery with peppy Hindi songs as background scores. However, Om Jewellers just concocted the right mix of entertainment with jewellery through an apt collaboration with an influencer.

Collaborating with dancer-influencer Akansha Vora, Om Jewellers has shared three exciting reels with jewellery that becomes a part of the performances. The make-up and accessorisation of the performances on the songs ‘Suno Aisha’, ‘Sajna’ by Badshah and ‘Piya Basanti’by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan have been different. The final package exudes abundant grace in the performances.

This is indeed a brilliant way to present jewellery and hasn’t been done in this manner by any brand. Usually, brands go ahead with models posing for the lens and getting involved in the ambience created by the song used in reels, but using peppy Bollywood songs and having impressive performances done by the face of a campaign impacts the viewer in two ways. The foremost impact is the visual combo of jewellery, wherein the prospect realizes that it is easy to carry heavy-ticket jewellery as easily as the performer is carrying in the video. Secondly, the prospect realizes that with such ease of use, one can allow her persona to dominate her accessories and look at any gala get-together. No longer, does one have to remain cautious the entire time while flaunting highly valuable, delicate jewellery.

Besides the obvious element of entertainment through Vora’s performance, her movements give a first-hand glimpse of how the different jewellery ranges look when worn. Her dance performances also guarantee the durability of the same products should the wearer want to give herself in to foot-tapping music on any occasion. Such experiences are crucial in increasing the conversion rate of Om Jewellers. As far as social media impressions are concerned, the brand is definitely winning this game with 29.2K views, 30.5K views and 29.5K views on the three respective reels. This is a huge improvement in contrast with the average of about 3K views the brand has been getting in their reels before Vora’s performances.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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