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Multani Jewellers takes select customers along on a mission to feed underprivileged children




Involving customers in its CSR activity, the jewellery brand aimed to fulfil the target of arranging meals for 150 children living in temporary shelters in Delhi’s Chattarpur

When Multani Jewellers recently conducted a drive to feed underprivileged children from poverty-stricken pockets of Chattarpur locality in southwest Delhi, they invited a few select customers to join them in the mission. According to Rakhi Multani, Director of Multani Jewellers, those customers were “perfect to accomplish this noble task”; hence, they were approached to join the cause.

Rakhi Multani, Multani Jewellers

Multani Jewellers has several CSR initiatives, and the prime among them is the welfare of kids who come from families where the parents barely earn enough to survive. The children often have to take refuge in temporary shelters. Apart from providing food, the jewellery retail company has contacted a teacher who educates 100 such kids in a temporary shelter. “Looking at the poor living quality of the children, our team reached out to a hardworking young teacher in Chattarpur, who has been teaching over 100 such kids at a temporary shelter, trying to impart basic education,” says Rakhi Multani.

Meals for 150 children from Multan Jewellers


Puneet Datta Multani, Director of Multani Jewellers, says it is a practice to hunt for underprivileged sections in specific parts of the country, where there is a huge need for help, but a need for more professional organisations to step in and support them. “The Multani family has been a true devotee of Lord Krishna, and over the decades, we have been visiting Vrindavan every year to support widows who come from West Bengal and gather at the Bhagwan Bhajan ashram to chant Krishna’s bhajans,” he elaborates, adding that around 500 such women sit in a rotation of four hours per day, from 6 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 7 pm, to get their daily allowance of rice, daal and some money for sustenance.

Meals for 150 children from Multan Jewellers

“The brand is also considering donating 10% of its total revenues each year to the poor and needy to strengthen its value system,” says Puneet.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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