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Mia by Tanishq’s festive campaign celebrates self-confidence and individuality in women




This campaign is a sincere attempt by the brand to encourage and empower women to embrace the star in them and is more than a showcase of exquisite jewellery

Mia by Tanishq has launched ‘For the Star in You’, its festive campaign, captivating the inherent brilliance and confidence within every woman. The campaign empowers women to embrace their self-confidence and recognise that their shine has the power to illuminate the world.

Set in the celebratory context, the campaign, conceptualized Mia by Tanishq and Famous Innovations features actress Rakul Preet Singh who embodies the essence of the brand and has been roped in as the face of the campaign this year. The heart of the campaign is set on a festive film set with Rakul elegantly attired. Following the final take, Rakul approaches the monitor to discuss the scene with the director. As the camera rolls, the film beautifully captures a relatable moment.

The slice-of-life film portrays a delightful moment as a young lady on set admires Rakul from afar. Initially hesitant, she is contemplating whether to approach her favourite actress for a selfie. However, the magic of the moment unfolds when a ray of light from the film set catches the young lady’s Mia necklace, drawing Rakul’s attention. The film beautifully captures the exchange of sweet gestures, emphasizing the campaign’s core message that everyone possesses a unique brilliance within themselves, akin to the stars that illuminate the universe. It is a celebration of self-confidence, individuality, and the boundless potential that resides within each person. It’s revealed that the young lady is Neha, the talented writer of a popular show. Rakul’s genuine appreciation for Neha’s work transforms her from a nervous admirer into a confidently shining star.


The film encompasses the aspect of how women are serving as a beacon of encouragement and uplifting each other celebrating sisterhood and other special moments. Women share a bond as timeless as the stars themselves. This campaign is a sincere attempt made by the brand to encourage and empower women to embrace the star in them. The film is more than a showcase of exquisite jewellery; it’s a reminder of the cosmic potential that resides within each one of us. As the stars in the universe are formed from the same elements, so are we, created from stardust. Within every individual, there lies the power to illuminate the world with their unique brilliance.

Speaking about the campaign, Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq said, “It is a delight to experience the cultural shift led by the Gen-Z, today’s youth, that fosters collaboration over harbouring competition. Women today are empowering and uplifting each other to be their best version. This sisterhood served as the inspiration for Mia’s festive campaign “For the Star in You”, introducing Rakul Preet Singh, whose unapologetic confidence and versatile personality reflect the core ethos of a Mia woman, while the ease and humility with which she carries her fame makes her the right fit for the campaign.”

Speaking about the campaign, Melvin Jacob, Creative Head, Bangalore, Famous Innovations, said “When we planned interesting use of celebrity, we thought it could be cool to show the relatable star for a change. Fact is, everyone shines, everyone struggles with confidence – and everyone needs a lift once in a while. Appreciating someone else’s shine doesn’t take away from your shine, in fact it amplifies it.”

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