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Men of Platinum’s latest collection – a tribute to the Men of Character who choose to rebuild a new tomorrow!



A year of extraordinary challenges and realizations, 2020 made us learn, unlearn, relearn and rebuild. It urged us to reevaluate what truly matters, allowed us to look at what we have with gratitude knowing it will help us build a new tomorrow.  Most importantly, it set the precedent to persevere, viewing every roadblock as a steppingstone to change and possibly a better future.

‘Men of Character’ marks the emergence of a new generation of men who remain true to their values, and their beliefs even when faced with unprecedented challenges. These are men who have the perseverance to reimagine and re-build, the humility to re-start, and the commitment to rewrite their story.  Who have the courage to reignite their lost dreams. Who continuously strive to be inclusive as they know that a new world is only possible when one works together rather than apart.  These men of character have leveraged realizations from the year gone by into an action plan towards a new and better tomorrow, as they chose to #RewriteTheBeginning.

This season, Men of Platinum – the men’s platinum jewellery offering from Platinum Guild International, celebrates these men who have the ability to adapt, innovate and chart a new course! These men opt for platinum as their choice of metal as it mirrors the core of their rare values. It reflects a belief system they have always subscribed to. Born of the stars, jewellery made of platinum, the only true white metal instantly elevates the style of the wearer and sets them apart from the crowd.

The collection includes a wide range of versatile pieces such as platinum chains, pendants & wrist wear. It is intricately designed to mark a sense of style that is as rare and classy as the man who adorns it. These pieces are also emblematic of the myriad values that come together to mould the constitution of a man to whom values, and character hold ground no matter what the circumstances. Solid, yet aerodynamic forms marked with intricate textures and indestructible links, come together to create a range that displays versatility, strength and poise. Defined by sleek contours and understated matte lustre, this bold and dynamic collection is embedded with meaning.

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces from the collection:

Platinum Dual-Toned Link Chain

Moulded in rare platinum punctuated with a hint of rose gold, with links that are just a bit of a departure from the norm, this piece is a tribute to the ‘man of character’ and his ability to think differently when presented with challenges. It marks his ability to reimagine every occasion!

Platinum Dual-Tone Dynamic Bracelet-

Crafted with the enduring strength of platinum, this sleek yet sturdy bracelet features an alternating pattern of interlocking links. Held together by an understated force, these links represent the rare men who hold people together in unprecedented times. Their values enable them to explore the future with a renewed vision. One that’s inclusive and encompassing of others.

Platinum Aerodynamic Design Bracelet –

With a striking centre elevation, this futuristic bracelet is befitting of the ones who make use of every opportunity to rebuild a new tomorrow. Adversity cannot hinder their path because they tackle the hurdles of today with extraordinary strength while keeping their eyes on a new future. And only metal as resilient as your values can complement such rare character.

Visit https://menofplatinum.com/to know more about the ‘Men of Platinum’ range of platinum jewellery pieces.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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