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#MarkYourMoment: Tanishq wins hearts of pet parents with adorable Festival of Diamonds ad




The ad creates a new opportunity for celebration for pet parents, a rising population in the increasingly urban Indian youth population

Mumbai: Jewellery as a luxury product relies on strong advertisement, with countless brands brainstorming millions of ideas to zero in on that one single thought that would resonate with the target audience undoubtedly. Brands spend top dollars in order to collaborate with the best of the best advertisement agencies that can be as subtle or aggressive based on the client’s pitch. As the result matters more than the execution in such cases, one of Tanishq’s recent advertisements for their Festival of Diamonds collection has touched the hearts of many pet lovers.

The reel on Instagram, which has received over 900 likes at the time of publication of this story, gives Indians another opportunity to celebrate joy and therefore, buy jewellery. It shows a young woman, who has just become a proud pet parent, surfing the brand’s website to pamper herself on this delightful occasion. The customer searches for lightweight jewellery and settles for a dainty pair of earrings.


In a decade when India is witnessing pet pampering rise to a new level with the emergence of pet jewellery brands and elaborate grooming sessions, pet parenting is often regarded as a healthy exercise for the psychological growth of children in a family. It’s always wise for progressive jewellery brands to follow the tides of time and stay impressive. Tanishq has done that with such an inclusive advertisement which, for one, increases the scope of jewellery purchase through an opportunity that is not time-bound like festivals, and then, gives the impression of a brand that cares about customers’ unique buying journeys. 

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