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Italian chains, enamel polki and lightweight ranges top IIJS demand lists



Italian chains, enamel polki and lightweight ranges top IIJS demand lists
  • Enamel polki
  • Temple jewellery with gemstones around 40 grams heavy
  • Ultra-lightweight men’s bracelets
  • Temple jewellery with colour stones

After four days of strong run, IIJS 2021 culminates to the end of perhaps the most daring step by GJEPC to revive the domestic market. Abiding by all protocols, visitors and exhibitors stood by their promises to make IIJS 2021 successful. In that journey, the following verticals grabbed the most attention and orders.

For Tanvi Singhi, Marketing Head, Konika Jewellery, Chennai, IIJS 2021 was a venue for best polki, jadau, temple jewellery and rose gold lightweight jewellery. According to Tanvi, she had been able to see temple jewellery with gemstones and lightweight necklaces within 30-40 grams and haaramsin about 60-100 grams. “The manufacturers added a touch of contemporary/modern concepts to the traditional temple jewellery,” she said.

Agreeing with Singhi is Raman Jethi, owner, Krishna Krishna Jewellers, Panipat, who appreciated the effort made by the manufacturers to bring out unique and fresh ideas in diamond polki and uncut jewellery. “I witnessed different concepts in lightweight diamond segment, such as enamel polki jewellery with Navrathan concept with white colour stones. The manufacturers also came up with good lightweight designs for gifting segments such as diamond sets below Rs 20,000,” said Jethi, adding that temple jewellery with colour stones was something unique he spotted at the event. “I did a lot of buying in heavyweight jewellery and diamond polki jewellery,” Raman said.

Lightweight jewellery was the flavour of the season in IIJS and Anand Pednekar, director, Anand Jagannath Pednekar Jewellers, Mumbai, completely agrees to it. “One range which caught my attention during the exhibition was ultra-lightweight bracelets for men. When I saw the bracelet from a distance, I felt that it should be at least close to 10-15 grams. However, when I enquired about it, I was surprised to know that the weight was just around 6 grams,” said Pednekar, adding that they found sizeable Italian chains weighing astonishingly light around 15 grams.

Karan Saraf, owner of Onkar Singh and Sons Jewellers, Punjab, didn’t find much freshness in Kundan jewellery and antique designs. However, he was impressed with the new concepts in Italian and rose gold jewellery. According to Karan, there were 4-5 manufacturers who had eye-catching lightweight jewellery designs in Italian jewellery.

 “There was a lot of diversity in Italian designs made according to the taste of the Indian consumers, something which was rare in the previous occasions of IIJS,” said Saraf.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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