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Lightweight colour stone jewellery impressing buyers at IIJS



*Ultra-lightweight necklaces and bangles in10-15 grams weight

*Mix of machine-made and handmade jewellery

*Glass-filled rubies

*Wood carving on the jewellery

* Used an array of stones

When it is time for colour gemstone purchase, buyers are finding IIJS to be a really good spot with a lot of variety. One of the colour stone jewellery manufacturers, Nitin Jewellers (Booth nos.:2F055/057), have launched ultra-lightweight necklaces and bangles between 10-15 grams in colour gemstones. The lightweight gemstone jewellery has a mix of machine made and handmade craftsmanship.

The manufacturer has used chillaior shining gold work on the product to glitter the yellow metal used in the jewellery infused with rubies, emeralds and other precious colour stones. “The majority of the demand for colour gemstones comes from South India,” said Nitin Gulabani, Nitin Jewellers.

Due to the high demand for lightweight jewellery in the market, Anand Shah Jewels(Booth no: 4R037 I)have launched an exclusive lightweight colour stone jewellery collection using Russian emeralds and glass-filledrubies.“This is made with the use of the original ruby mineral known as corundum and later filled with substances such as lead glass. The collection consists of pendant sets, kadas and rings with weights between 40 grams and 80 grams,” said Anand Shah, owner, Anand Shah Jewels.

Image Caption- Anand Shah Jewels
Image Caption- Anand Shah Jewels

In order to keep the product lightweight, Anand Shah Jewels is using very fewstones on gold. The jeweller is also using pink and green as pastel colours on the jewellery. For the first time, the jeweller has used teak wood carvings on the jewellery to bolster the ethnic look of the ranges.

Image Caption- Anand Shah Jewels
Image Caption- Anand Shah Jewels

According to Karan Garodia, Founder and Director, Sanskriti Jewels (Booth : 2J 031 & 2J 033) is the pioneer of modern age coloured gemstone jewellery which has brought a revolution in the jewellery industry. After the successful launches of collections like ‘Pink is She’, ‘Spring is Here’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Candylightful’ over the years, Sanskriti Jewels is presenting at IIJS 2021, its newest collection inspired by the happiness colours bring to our lives called ‘Colour Me Happy’.

Image Caption- Anand Shah Jewels

Karan Garodia, Founder and Director, Sanskriti Jewels said, “As the name suggests, more than a concept, “Colour Me Happy” is a feeling. The feeling that our creative director Nidhi Garodia gets when she looks at the beauty of the colour stones that lay before her as she begins to paint the canvas of jewellery in her mind – sheer happiness.  She wanted to share this emotion with her patrons, imaging the smile that brightens their faces as they adorn their jewels – she feels she “Coloured them Happy”. It is not just the huge variety of colour stones and fresh combinations, but the unique techniques and applications with which these pieces of art are made with sets Sanskriti apart.”

It did take 5 to 6 months from conceptualization, designing, finding the right colors, trail and errors to the final creation. In the collection, they have used an array of stones such as Burmese Tourmalines, Tanzanites, Rubies, Morganites, (Russian, Zambian and Columbian Emeralds), Ethiopian & Australian Opals, Yellow Diamond Briollettes, Pink & Blue Sapphires .

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

Cover Image Courtesy: Anand Shah Jewels

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