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Emerald Jewel Industry reshapes jewellery trade with mammoth launches in gold, silver at IIJS



  • Stay ahead campaign launch
  • Over 6 lakh jewellery designs
  • Over 20 technologies used in manufacturing
  • Multi-year campaign for support to partners across value chain
  • Collections such as Millennial Gold, Natya, Simha men’s jewellery launched
  • Silver collection launched with shop-in-shop and Toqn

Emerald Jewel Industry upped the ante of the IIJS 2021 exhibition with their two-day launch of several collections. EJI, the largest gold jewellery manufacturer in India, gave an auspicious start to IIJS on September 15 with their Stay Ahead campaign.

Providing a one-stop solution to all things gold jewellery, EJI is promising a mammoth catalogue of over 6,00,000 jewellery designs made with over 20 different technologies to suit the inventory requirements of every gold jewellery retailer across scale and regional bases.

Speaking with Nishtashri S, director, EJI, one gets a deep dive into the manufacturer’s plan to put each of its partners ahead of trends in the upcoming buying seasons. “We launched four collections as part of the Stay Ahead campaign on Sep 15. In terms of design, technology, innovation, marketing support and other facilities to all our partners, we are creating an element of surprise through this multi-year campaign,” she said.

On the same day, EJI launched the millennial gold collection replete with story-driven designs and technologies such as laser-cutting, hollowing and casting. Lot of the millennial gold jewellery have mechanisms for free movement of jewellery. “The karigarihas beendone in such a way for flat gold jewellery pieces that when you pick it up, it takes the shape of a diamond,” she maintained.

Another part of their launch yesterday was that of Cuban chains collection titled ‘Simha’. This men’s collection has been modified through technology to make it 30-40% lower in weight. Also, EJI launched their dainty exclusive Italian jewellery collection. Finally, the Natya collection by EJI is inspired from the various South Indian classical dance postures.

On September 16, EJI launched the emerald silver jewellery collection with their shop-in-shop JewelOne connect and Vilara SIS for the buyers. For the silver collection, EJI has partnered with startup brand Toqn which specializes in 100% DIY interchangeable jewellery and customization. Such an array of services launched at IIJS will strengthen trade trust in the waves of change EJI is about to bring in the national gold jewellery trade.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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