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Kumari Fine Jewellery debuts in London’s high society via gala jewellery auction 



Kumari Fine Jewellery debuts in London's high society via gala jewellery auction 

The event marked an evening, blending the allure of fine jewellery, the excitement of a thrilling polo match, and the noble cause of charity 

London — Kumari Fine Jewellery, a young jewellery brand based out of Mumbai and part of DP Jewel Line, recently held a gala event involving the aristocracy of London in the city at the London Polo Club.  

The event, themed “A Night of Glamour and Generosity,” not only showcased Kumari Fine Jewellery’s exquisite designs and luxurious pieces but also underscored its commitment to philanthropy. The highlight of the evening was a charity auction featuring exclusive Kumari creations. 

Symbolizing hope and support for various charitable endeavours, the auction saw enthusiastic participation from guests eager to acquire these exceptional pieces. Proceeds from the event were directed towards multiple charitable organizations, reflecting Kumari Fine Jewellery’s dedication to community welfare. Adding to the ambiance was a polo match, which enthralled attendees with its showcase of skill and sportsmanship. 

Known for its blend of everyday wearability and extraordinary design, Kumari Fine Jewellery’s showcased pieces included delicate bracelets, statement necklaces, and other meticulously crafted items. Each piece exemplified the brand’s commitment to quality and timeless appeal, resonating with guests who appreciated both its aesthetic and philanthropic endeavors. 


The event also honored Yash Kataria, who co-founded Kumari Fine Jewellery. His strong focus on design and commitment to high standards have been crucial in making Kumari known for its quality and sophistication. Kataria’s dedication to philanthropy and supporting the community was clearly demonstrated throughout the evening, highlighting the values that Kumari Fine Jewellery stands for. 

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