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Konika jewellery indulges in audio-visual ASMR with bangle-making video



Konika jewellery indulges in audio-visual ASMR with bangle-making video

Throughout the gem and jewellery industry, promotions have been stereotyped in such a manner that only the finished product qualifies to be exposed and appreciated for. But as unceremonious as the term ‘back-end’ sounds, there hasn’t been enough talk on the process of jewellery manufacturing. Konika Jewellery has broken that stereotype with a video that would make everyone pause, breathe and put a smile on their faces.

First, the choice of a song that evokes a vintage, ethereal and emotional fulfilment is not a regular choice in the race to coax peppy, foot-tapping tracks. Yet, Tanvi Singhi, marketing head, Konika Jewellery, Chennai, chose ‘Chan Kithan’ by Ali Sethi of three other options for this video. That was indeed a correct decision, as every commentor has praised the satisfaction element of the video.

When asked what prompted her to chart this journey of a pair of gold bangles, Singhi said, “Two weeks before, I visited one of our jewellery workshops. We invest so much into promotion of designs, but often overlook the relentless dedication of our karigars. They were engrossed in the process much like a machine. This prompted me to show how a beautiful pair of gold bangles get made.”

The video shows the different soldering, washing, beading and other techniques, each of which add to the journey of a jewellery piece meant for everlasting adornment. The beauty of the video is its originality and simplicity with which the brand has proudly showcased the traditionally Indian way of manufacturing.  As a result, the video has received over 7.6k views within three days of release. That is quite a good feat for a promotional video that swims against the tide of glamour and banks on the value of love that transcends from the efforts of a dedicated craftsman to the beholder and finally, to the person adorning this work of art.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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