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This Raksha Bandhan celebrate the love and affection you have for your sibling with KISNA real diamond and gold jewellery



This Raksha Bandhan celebrate the love and affection you have for your sibling with KISNA real diamond and gold Jewellery

The bond that you share with your siblings protects, nurtures, and enlivens you in a magical way and should surely be celebrated in that spirit. After all, siblings are the ones who help us sail through life and grow alongside us. Celebrating these milestones of life together, this Raksha Bandhan is the perfect occasion to pamper your sibling with exclusive and minimalist jewellery from KISNA Real Diamond and Gold Jewellery. Just how your relationship is multi-faceted and embellishes your life, KISNA’s offerings are diverse.

KISNA Raksha Bandhan collection for the ‘Best Brother Ever’

KISNA’s Raksha Bandhan collection is an embodiment of the affection and style enjoyed between siblings. Each Rakhi is exquisitely designed to complement each outfit, every day. The minimalist and intricately carved Rakhi’s with attractive contrasting designs including holy symbolisms such as Swastik, Lord Ganesha, Omkar and messages like ‘best brother ever’ is an expression of love and appreciation a sister has for her beloved brother- the secret-keeper and partner in crime. This multi-purpose Rakhi collection is one of a kind that serves as a Rakhi that can be worn on Raksha Bandhan and a pendant that your sibling can flaunt for all other occasions. Sisters can buy this exciting collection which is BIS Hallmark and IGI certified exclusively on KISNA.com

Evil Eye Collection for the sidekick and stylish sister

Brothers are always looking out for their sisters and can never want to see them hurt or in trouble, no matter where they are. They want to protect them at every step of their lives. The Evil Eye collection at KISNA redefines modern jewellery with a touch of protection. The design is the culmination of the ‘Raksha’ aspect which signifies the special occasion. The Jewelry from this collection is an apt gift for your doting sister. It is a collection of fortune entwined gold and diamond bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants that signify protection, perfect for everyday wear.


KISNA’s Orla collection for the ‘Fashionista’ sibling  

To uplift the excitement of Raksha Bandhan, brothers can opt for something that will not just please them but also surprise and delight their beloved sisters.

KISNA’s Orla collection brings an exciting collection of jewellery that is modern, distinct, and ideal for everyday wear and all occasions. KISNA’s excellent designs combined with the richness of gold and diamonds with marvellous geometrical shapes that synergizes art and jewellery for the evolving preferences of Indian women.

For more options, brothers can also explore KISNA’s wide range of bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings that have lovely motifs that define the sibling relationship appropriately at the nearest retail jewellery store. Available in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, the knot design on rings expresses the everlasting bond of siblings and diamond pendants personify how precious your sibling is. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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