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Kalamandir Jewellers doles out record-breaking Rs 8 crore in cash prizes to high-performing employees




Taking a modern approach to building an enhanced brand culture and fostering talent, Kalamandir Jewellers, one of the fastest-growing regional chains from Gujarat, held the fourth edition of its employee recognition awards last week in Ahmedabad

Kalamandir Jewellers introduced the novel concept of acknowledging 700+ staff members’ contributions to the brand’s growth and felicitate and reward those who excel in their roles. In a grand two-day event, the brand celebrated employee success that is instrumental in organizational growth.

The first day of the event recognized the staff that manages the critical support functions and the top achievers contributing to sales in the platinum category.

The well-thought-out categories like Unsung Heroes, One-person Army, Transformer, Best Labelling Team, and Head Office Appreciation Certificate bring forth the significance of the non-client facing staff that is a crucial part of business operations.


These were followed by a series of categories under the Kalamandir Platinum Champions Awards, specially designed to assess and acknowledge the achievers in the platinum category – a thrust area for the brand. It is the third edition of this category-specific recognition. Platinum Guild International’s key team members, including Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager, India and Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, India, presented the awards for the platinum categories.

The event’s second day celebrated the fourth edition of The Golden Awards, recognizing the sales achievers for their outstanding contributions. The brand has introduced exciting titles such as Brand Ambassador, Game Changer Team, Everyday Heroes, Early Rockstars, and People’s Choice awards, amongst many others like Master Achievers in Outlet, Master Achievers in division, etc.

“The awards promote a sense of bonhomie amongst team members, positively influence employee morale, inspire others, and increase the organization’s output manifold,” says Milan Shah, Director Kalamandir Jewellers.

The brand not only confers great titles and honours the achievers, it generously doles out cash rewards commensurate with their sales targets. The brand declared Rs 8 crore in cash prizes for the latest awards edition.

“Ultimately, sharing profits with those who go that extra mile to achieve the brand goals is the best way to show respect for their contribution in increasing the organization’s output and send out the message that we are all partners in Kalamandir’s growth story,” says Shah.

The brand has seen a great outcome from this employee recognition programme, including attracting the best talent for work, increased employee morale, engaged employees, strengthened workplace relationships and higher employee retention.

Besides the award-giving, the two days were packed with fun-filled activities, after-award-theme parties such as Punjabi Night, and pool parties.

Kalamandir Jewellers started in 1986 in the small town of Kosamba near Surat and has grown from strength to strength over the last decade. With four outlets in Gujarat, and two kiosks at Surat and Lucknow airports, the brand is now all set to expand outside the State with large format outlets in Ahmedabad and Mumbai soon.

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