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Jewel in the crown – HS Jewellers, Lucknow




Lucknow! Say that one word with eyes closed and mind relaxed, and you call up a vision of nawabs, old Awadh and cultivated opulence. Lucknow, once upon a time an elegant stage for the play of art, culture, luxury, of refined excess.

When we speak of such fine things, can we fail to think of jewellery?

No, we cannot. Fortunately for us, the vision of old Lucknow is sustained in jewellery by the renowned Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers (HSJ), a firm that has existed and flourished in the United Provinces (now UP) since the late 19th century. HSJ has opened a spacious new double-level showroom in Lucknow’s upscale Gomti Nagar — an outlet that respects and draws inspiration from the city’s wonderful heritage and history even as it delights its modern patrons.

The HSJ story began when father and son, Harsahaimal and Shiamlal, decided to give the people of Budaun, a small town in UP halfway between Delhi and Lucknow, jewellery in fresh designs and with an assurance of gold purity. That ethos of trust and respect still rules at HSJ, even as the company has expanded.

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HSJ has had a fascinating trajectory as a business. Most retail brands grow outward from big cities to smaller towns around, but HSJ started from Budaun, stepped to the nearby city of Bareilly, and is now moving into the heart of UP: the metropolis of Lucknow.

All this is background. Here are five reasons Retail Jeweller love the new store?

Reassuring luxury

HSJ’s history and reputation burnish its identity as a luxury brand. The showroom plays its part, providing a luxurious setting for your patronage.

For Indians, jewellery shopping is still a family affair, so the sitting arrangements are capacious and welcoming. If you wish to sample the grand displays before you settle down to buy, there is plenty of space for circulation, all laid out in a way that respectfully separates browsing clients from those making their final selections at the counters in each section.

This is Lucknow’s most luxurious jewellery showroom. Floating glass counters, geometrical chandeliers, ornate ceilings and rich fabrics, used lavishly, enhance the experience and reassure HSJ’s discerning patrons.


Mind at peace

HSJ understands that, as a patron, your questions and concerns come first. You may need assurance about a product, a brand or even a salesperson. You may wish to know an item’s resale or exchange value, or perhaps the quality of metal and stones used in the design. You could have any of a hundred other kinds of query.

Mohit Anand, director, HSJ, wants you as a patron to experience clarity and certainty, not obfuscation. He has selected his most experienced staff to work with you, and gone the extra mile to train them personally. When you make a lasting commitment to the HSJ jewellery that you desire, therefore, you will be able to do so with your mind at peace.

Much for the millennials

Millennial buyers often feel a lack of jewellery designs that appeal to their sensibilities. Their purchasing power, too, can limit their choices. With the new HSJ showroom, such worries are a thing of the past.

HSJ’s designers understand that younger buyers seek designs that are modern and global, and still accessible within their budget.

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Cutting-edge and classical

At HSJ you will find some of the newest and most forward-thinking designs in contemporary jewellery. Lucknowites, with their cultivated sensitivity to elegance, deserve access to a full range of up-to-date designs, both Indian and global, in their own city.

If your tastes run more to the traditional, however, HSJ will not leave you wanting. The jeweller remains true to its roots and the majority of its showcased designs are classically Indian in theme. Every customer will find something they desire.

Bespoke design service

If you do not see at HSJ the precise piece that speaks to your soul, well, HSJ will help you bring your own design idea to life. HSJ is ready to let you take the creative lead, with professionals stepping up to assist. You can use HSJ as a one-stop service for your own bespoke jewellery.

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Experiencing the showroom

The new showroom stands on a corner plot in Gomti Nagar, off the arterial road. Customers enter the HSJ lobby through a pair of metal-framed glass doors. One cannot help but notice the seamlessly designed lift, whose rounded shape echoes the gold mouldings on the lobby ceiling and the bright red art panel with jewellery designs carved into its surface of the lobby which certainly sets the right mood.

The experience unfurls as one enters the jewellery sections. There is luxury and yet warmth, and the customer feels enveloped and respected. Staff members are warm and obliging. They know how to greet and cater to you without being pushy or obtrusive. They are well-informed about all the products on display.

This level of staff preparation is impressive. It is a great support for the patron, because shopping for jewellery can be a very emotional experience and the staff makes all the difference.

The staff quality is not accidental. “We educate [our staff] on coloured stones, on cuts and colour of diamonds, and even which mines these diamonds are being sourced from,” says Ankur Anand, director, HSJ. “We keep upgrading their knowledge about international brands. We have a book section to which the staff has access.”

Walking around, the customer will experience the store as spacious and yet easy to read. The island counters are each designed according to the nature of the merchandise handled there. Plenty of comfortable seating, thoughtfully arranged, accommodates families shopping together. The lighting in the diamond and gold sections varies depending on the nature of the collection on show, with warmer tones for gold on the first level and white lights for the diamonds on the upper level.

The matching of design to purpose at each counter includes the furnishings. The floating glass counters are a unique way to display jewellery and an example of brilliant space utilisation. The ceiling light fixtures look like exquisite pieces of jewellery. Their geometric shapes and colour patterns echo and complement the glowing, warm hues of the gold section and the vivid gemstone hues of the diamond section.

In the gold section on the first floor the standout feature is an ornate ceiling featuring Renaissance-style murals. Throughout the showroom, HSJ has made lavish use of mirrors, glass showcases and rich fabrics.

HSJ’s renowned jewellery collection can speak for itself. Indeed, it could sing a whole epic. In the new showroom, however, interior design adds a touch of magic — the necessary notes of grandeur, you might say — to that saga. This showroom really does capture the essence of Awadh.


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